Denzel Washington Appreciates Wife Pauletta For Doing The ‘Heavy Lifting’ In Their 39-Year Marriage

Finding a committed relationship in Hollywood may be difficult. Not everyone in show business follows this trend, despite the fact that many of our favorite artists and actresses frequently go through several marriages and divorces. In spite of the demands of Hollywood, people like Denzel Washington have managed to make their marriages work.

Denzel Washington has enjoyed a lot of success throughout his career. He has experience as both a director and an award-winning actor. Along with earning him admiration from colleagues, critics, and fans, his job also helped him find happiness with his wife, Pauletta Washington. Pauletta, who is also a skilled performer, and Denzel are a very popular pair.

On September 28, 1950, Pauletta Washington was born in North Carolina. She was born with the last name Pearson, according to IMDB. Pauletta is a 72-year-old libra who turned born in 2022. Her hubby is five years her senior. Pauletta is quite tall, measuring 6 feet 1 inches. She studied at the esteemed Juilliard School as well as the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.

Pauletta has fully embraced the performing industry through her career as an actress, marriage to an actor, and relationship with Rita Pearson, another actress.

In 1977, she made her acting debut in the movie "Wilma," which also starred her future husband Denzel. Throughout her career, she continued to work on further TV movies and programs, such as "The Parkers" and "The Watsons Go to Birmingham." Starting in 1998 with "Beloved," she also received film parts. With the actor starring in several short films, her more recent efforts demonstrate her skill in a smaller setting.

Continue reading to discover the secret behind Denzel Washington and Pauletta Pearson's forty-year marriage.

The Oprah Magazine claims that Denzel Washington and Pauletta Pearson first crossed paths when working together to produce the television movie "Wilma" in 1977. Their first acquaintanceship rapidly developed into a close friendship, which they both credit for the relationship's endurance. Before they started dating, they were buddies!

On June 25, 1983, Denzel and Pauletta exchanged vows, and ever since, they have lived as husband and wife and upheld their commitment to one another. They got the opportunity to reaffirm their vows while visiting South Africa in 1995, and revered Archbishop Desmond Tutu performed the ceremony. In a previous interview, Denzel previously said:

I'm not sure if divorce is exclusively a feature of show industry, but you hear about it a lot. I just think you have to work at it," he continued. not abandon one another. It's an obligation. You put in some effort since it's not only the honeymoon and it won't continue forever. Additionally, it could assist if you're excellent buddies initially.

The couple's marriage hasn't been ideal since they've also had difficult times together. John David, Katia, twins Olivia and Malcolm, and their other two children, David, have always been able to work together to get through difficult times.

Denzel joked that he has learned how to shut up and always do what his wife asks of him in a recent interview, and there are a number of reasons why his marriage has endured.

In a different interview, he added:

"What comes to mind are safety, sustenance, and a lovely house. There is a significant distinction between a house and a home.

He added how important his wife has been in bringing up their kids and creating a home for them.

When questioned about his marriage during a segment of the TD Jakes program showing the movie "Equalizer 2," Denzel was never reluctant to acknowledge how his wife has been the family's main source of support. Pauletta, he said, "has been the steady one when it comes to looking after him and the kids. She has been teaching the faith every day. While I was away from home providing, she was the one driving children to school.

Due to his fractured home background, Denzel did not grow up with access to all the necessities. He was never shown the same level of affection by his wife's family as he was.

Since they have been married for many years, Denzel has taken pleasure in Pauletta's chicken curry, which goes against the adage that the best route to a man's heart is via his stomach.

The couple's marriage has also been openly founded on their ardent religious convictions. In an interview, Pauletta acknowledged that their marriage is entirely spiritual and founded on God. Every time things went out of control, she sought spiritual therapy. She said, "My inner circle is similarly like-minded, therefore we strengthen one other." in reference to their pals.

Pauletta explained how, when it comes to her spouse, she knows all sides in an interview with Ebony Magazine. She provides him with a happy platform from which to ascend, giving him the drive to advance.

Funny enough, a fortuitous encounter was the only thing that actually got their relationship off the ground. Even though they had previously spoken and interacted as friends after meeting on the "Wilma" set, they did not have a tight bond or connection. One unfortunate encounter caused everything to alter. Pauletta went into great detail about what transpired back then when speaking with Oprah in 1996:

Our common acquaintance, who appeared in the movie, had thrown a party. At the very end of the celebration, Denzel and his buddies arrived. We continued our conversation. (...) I went to a theater the following night, and because I arrived late, I sneaked in and just sat down. I didn't pay attention to those nearby. After the break, when the lights came on, we were seated close to one another.

Many years later, in 2018, Denzel discussed this incident on "Live with Kelly and Ryan," but he recalled it somewhat differently. "I had mentioned coming to attend the play at that gathering. She was seated when the lights came on at intermission when I went to see the show (there). She said that she had simply occurred to attend the show, but The star then humorously concluded his statement by warning that further taunting his wife will land him in hot water.

Even though Denzel and Pauletta each contribute unique attributes to their union, Denzel claimed that his wife deserves the most of the praise. Pauletta has worked very hard to make their long-lasting marriage so great, and he stated, "She did the heavy lifting." It comes as no surprise that they have been wed for an astounding 39 years. These two could probably teach others a thing or two!
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