Kelly Clarkson admits she spanks her children if they misbehave

Kelly Clarkson has said that she will physically correct her kids if they act inappropriately.

The 40-year-old singer of "Since U Been Gone" admitted in an interview with Atlanta radio station 94.1 in 2018 that she spanks her children "not above."

"I don't mind getting spanked, even if some people don't like it. I merely mean giving her a spanking, not a severe blow "The presenter of The Kelly Clarkson Show elucidated.

"That's a hard thing when you're out in public because then people are like, they think that's terrible or something, but I see nothing wrong with a spanking," stated Clarkson in reference to punishing her kid in public.

River Rose, 8, and Remington Alexander, 6, are Clarkson's children with her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock.

The American Idol winner said on the same radio interview that she had spankings from her parents as a child, but that despite this, she is still a "well-rounded girl with a lot of character."

"My parents beat me, yet I was successful in life. I'm from the south, y'all, so like, we get spankings," she added, adding, "My mom would contact the principle and give permission for her to spank me if I ever ended up in the principal's office."

The musician said that she forewarns her daughter before correcting her and thinks this serves as a powerful deterrent.

She said, "She doesn't do that type of stuff as frequently. I'm like, 'Hi, I'm going to slap you on your bottom if you don't stop right now, this is crazy,' and honestly it's really helped.

Clarkson is aware that not everyone approves of her parenting style, though. She said this while speaking to 98.9 The Buzz on the radio: "The tough part is when you're out in public and somebody says something they believe is improper or inappropriate. A spanking is perfectly acceptable in my opinion."

The use of a strict approach is often divisive among parents. 60 percent of parents support spanking, according to a Gallup survey from 2016, yet many groups advise against it.

For instance, The American Academy of Pediatrics stated that while disciplining their children, parents should not "spank or utilize other physical punishments."

The AAP stated in a statement that "spanking frequently promotes hostility and fury in youngsters" rather than teaching responsibility and self-control.

They said that since it teaches kids that "giving someone pain is appropriate, [even] if you're irritated with someone you love," it may have an impact on "the parent-child connection."

The group advises using "proper time outs" for young children as a form of punishment and punishing older kids by "temporarily eliminating advantages" they like.

However, spanking is a contentious issue.
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