This man has traveled 29 countries with his cat and is one country away from setting a world record

The adorable tabby can go practically anyplace with her human once she is snuggled in the basket of her human's bicycle, whether Dean is piloting an aircraft with tiny Nala following after him or Dean and Nala are resting in an igloo.

Dean Nicholson desired to cycle alone around the globe. He set off in June 2018 with that goal in mind, but three months and nine different countries later, in September, he met a compelling travel companion. Dean noticed a cat meowing at him close to the Bosnia-Montenegro border and felt he had to take her with him. Nala is what the biker gave the tabby. On his website, 1bike1world, he says, "Over the following days the cat and I became closer. It was evident she had lioness tendencies, with her fierce and loving demeanor, and so it was Nala was to be her name."

The cute duo is now working to break the world record for the most countries visited by one cat, which is presently set at 30 by collecting images from all 29 countries they have so far visited. There are so many achievements that Dean and Nala have shared. With Dean piloting an aircraft while carrying tiny Nala behind him or sleeping in an igloo, their experiences are incredible. The adorable tabby can be packed into her human's bicycle basket and taken practically everywhere.

According to DailyMail, Dean chatted with TV personality Lorraine about the release of his second book. Lorraine has long been a fan of the traveling couple. The two had a lengthy discussion on "Nala's World," a brand-new children's book that they are releasing. The children's book, "Nala's World — the story of Dean and his traveling buddy," is a condensed version of the Sunday Times bestseller "Nala's World," which was written for adults.

Dean shared the news of the book on Instagram and added a statement on why he and Nala care about it. He says, "I always believed our trip is a lovely narrative to share, but more significantly, it also offers essential lessons for children of an early age and beyond." "From the minute me and Nala met each other, it was my goal to make a kids' book," he continues.

Dean hopes that the book will leave a lasting impression on the generation that will look after the environment in the future. What better way to convey this book's message than by showcasing my lovely bond with Nala and the notion that abandoned animals deserve a second chance? the author asked.

Dean told Lorraine that at first he didn't believe Nala was homeless, but she quickly climbed up on his shoulder and meowed to get his full attention. Her amiable demeanor and constant hunger made it apparent after a time that her owner had purposely abandoned her. She enjoyed riding her bike and being outside all the time, Dean said, "and now I'm just a full-time cat chauffeur!" On live television, Nala once turned around, and Lorraine said, "Oh look, she's flashing us her bottom. When cats do it, I adore them. It's fantastic how they always do that.

When the tabby recently grew unwell, Lorraine and other admirers of the pair showed their intense worry, saying, "We were quite frightened when we realized that she was poorly, she's a young cat in the prime of her life." Dean attested to Nala's current good health. Dean explained, "She's four, and we took her to the emergency vets for treatment because she had a little swelling paw. Thankfully, she is now OK.

Dean and Nala are back in Scotland after seeing roughly 29 different nations, and they have plans to hit the road once more shortly. On October 2, Dean shared a lovely photo of the cat enjoying her fourth birthday at her house on Instagram with the message, "4 years old today." Happy birthday, lovely girl!

There are sections that explain what you can do to assist animals in need, and it's something I've learnt a lot about on this voyage, he remarked to Lorraine. People frequently send Nala items because they adore her, which is wonderful, but they should give to an animal sanctuary instead.
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