Three-Year-Old Boy That Survived Two Nights In Freezing Woods Claims Gentle Bear Kept Him Warm

Casey, who was three at the time, vanished in 2019 after becoming lost in the woods while playing at a relative's house in North Carolina. Hundreds of searchers joined the effort to hunt for the kid after his disappearance, which sparked a major search that garnered national attention. A neighbor heard screaming coming from the woods three days later. Casey said that a bear kept him safe as he was entangled in a thicket and cried out for his mother.

Most of us get a sickening feeling when we hear reports of missing children. You are aware that kids just cannot care for themselves in the same manner as their parents.

You ponder if they even know how to seek assistance. Would they be able to tell someone where they are if they were able to phone 911? You also question if they are aware of those they should avoid and those who can assist them. Unfortunately, they're not all the time.

We can't even begin to imagine what Casey Hathaway's grandma endured. Casey vanished when he was just three years old. He was playing outside in Ernul, North Carolina, with two other kids, according to Inside Edition. The two other children went inside once playtime was over, but Casey remained outside.

After more than 45 minutes of searching, his grandma couldn't locate him anywhere. At this point, she made the decision to report him missing by dialing 911.

Casey was not clothed correctly for the weather at the time of his abduction, according to Craven County Sheriff Chip Hughes. Hughes recollects being extremely concerned about the area's deep water-collecting ditches and sinkholes. He was concerned that one of these things may be what took him away.

As divers joined the search, it was conducted. The area's ponds were assessed. As the hours passed, the weather gradually started to deteriorate. The FBI, US Marine Corps, and state investigators soon joined the hunt.

Casey was eventually located. A few roads away, at a junction, he was discovered to be alive.

Following a tip, Shane Grier, Chocowinity's EMS Cpt, started his investigation. He then overheard Casey. He got ensnared in a patch of briars. He was liberated quite immediately by Grier. After that, Casey was sent to Caroline East Medical Center to receive treatment for hunger and minor injuries. He was scheduled to be released on January 26, 2019.

Despite all he had gone through, his examination showed that his general health was fine. According to Hughes, he behaved like any little kid would have.

The first person to share the news that Casey had been located was his aunt, who had kept everyone in the loop about the situation via her Facebook page.

Miracles do occur, she asserted.

Casey will undoubtedly experience some sort of repercussions for his actions, despite the fact that everyone is pleased that he was discovered. But his explanation for disappearing would be amusing to virtually anyone. According to his tale, he spent the previous two days hanging out with a bear.

His mother continued to express to everyone how appreciative and glad she was for his safe return after the tragedy. She provided further information regarding his condition and declared that he was doing well. Evidently, he had been requesting to view Netflix once again.

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