Young mom blessed with quadruplets only weeks after adopting 4 foster children

The best and most anticipated present for many couples is to bring a child into the world and into their lives. Maxine and Jake Young had always seen themselves as having a large family, but when they learned they were having trouble becoming pregnant, their dream turned into a nightmare. They had no idea that within a few weeks, their lives would undergo a significant transformation.

In Pennsylvania, Maxine and Jake Young wed in May 2016, and they were eager to have a family right immediately. Maxine desired children of her own, but she also thought of adopting children so that they might have a family and a home.

Jacob's mother, ArLette Young, writes in the GoFundMe page she set up to attempt to raise money for her son's family, "Jacob was entirely on board and liked the thought of having a house filled with lots of love and joy, maybe a little bit of chaos too!"

Maxine and Jake Young began the foster care training in February 2017 after only a few months of marriage. They received the requisite training, and in June 2017 they received the go-ahead to begin placements.

Four children required a family.

The family received a call a month later from a sibling group of three children, aged 4, 2, and 11 months, who were in need of a home. And a few weeks later, they went to the hospital to pick up their newborn sister.

It wasn't simple. Every child is unique and has specific demands. According to Jacob's mother on GoFundMe, the new parents had to deal with an autism diagnosis, a great deal of trauma to get over, and other difficulties.

Although it wasn't easy, Maxime and Jacob weren't giving up on their desire to have biological children at the same time. As a result of Maxine's numerous losses and artificial pregnancies, IVF and an IUI were required.

After much adversity, they were rewarded with the birth of their son Henry in October 2018.

Then, the family was complete—or wasn't it?

After the adoption was official for a few weeks, Maxine noticed something was different about her physique one day. She was expecting once more!

We had to use IVF or IUI to become pregnant with our kid, so I never even considered that I may become pregnant naturally. Maxine told Daily Mail, "I remember emailing [my husband] and I was like, 'Oh my God.

The couple was extremely thrilled and shocked, but they had no idea that the biggest surprise was still in store.

"I saw the doctor had a shocked expression on her face as soon as the scan began. When you glanced at the screen, it was extremely obvious that there were three pregnancy sacs, all almost the same size, as well as yolk sacs and even fetal poles. "Well, it seems like there are three babies growing in there," she added as she turned to face me. I chuckled erratically at first and then lost all sense of humor. I questioned her about whether everything appeared normal and whether the infants were measuring accurately at 6 weeks; they were. The next week I was supposed to have another scan," Maxine says on Instagram.

They learned that they were expecting quadruplets.

Maxine gave birth to 4 healthy children on July 31, 32 weeks into her pregnancy, weighing between three and four pounds apiece. They mentioned Beck Killian, Cecilia Hudson, Theo Alexander, and Silas Ledger.

Meeting the infants was an unforgettable experience. The agony and worry from the previous several months were instantly gone, and at that instant, all we had been through was worthwhile, writes Maxine on Facebook.

Maxine exclaims with joy, "Fortunately, they're all doing pretty well, and we're incredibly fortunate."
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