Adorable Baby Elephant Steals Spotlight In The Middle Of Journalist’s Report

You've certainly watched many videos online depicting endearing interactions between people and animals. Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, these films are some of the sweetest you can discover online, and you can't help but watch them. But you are not to blame. One can immediately grin from watching a 30-second video of a dog or cat playing with its fur parent. Therefore, viewing animal videos tops the list of videos to watch when you're feeling depressed.

In the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic, when journalists began reporting from their homes, a lot of things took everyone off guard during a broadcast. But maybe the prettiest ones were those that included animals.

We probably have what you're searching for if you want a little happiness today. A adorable baby elephant appears in one of the funniest but most endearing videos currently available online.

A delightfully unexpected event occurred when Kenyan journalist Alvin Patterson Kaunda was presenting a report on KBC (Kenya's Broadcasting Corporation) television.

"It's been said that generosity starts at home. And this philanthropic organization serves as the home for these young orphaned elephants. It is the setting for their learning and teaching of life's lessons, their encounters with love, and their struggles with loss, according to Kaunda's account.

"Home is in jeopardy for millions of other species as well. Human activities are decimating our ecology, destroying ecosystems, and upsetting the natural order of things, he said.

It was just a matter of time until Kindani, the newborn elephant, grabbed center stage. If you thought the elephant just "video bombed," you were mistaken. It did more.

Kindani made his way up to Kaunda's shoulder, ear, and head before going for his nose and mouth as soon as he began urging people to act as world guardians and save the world by giving them a place to live.

Kaunda then started laughing loudly. Since the elephant wouldn't stop engaging with him, which is one of the sweetest things ever, it is obviously difficult for him to continue with his report.

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a Kenyan environmental group that aids orphaned elephants, posted Kaunda's footage on its Instagram page.

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, according to its official website, concentrates on anti-poaching initiatives and all other conservation efforts for both elephants and rhinos.

Everyone aspires to stardom! Kindani decided to steal her own moment in the spotlight after being moved by Alvin's performance, the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust stated in the caption of its Instagram post.

On social media, many commented on the video and many of them praised how adorable it was.

One person told Kaunda that in addition to fulfilling his journalistic obligations and championing a worthwhile cause, he also did a great job by landing in American news outlets.

"The American news is all about you. Your video was shared by National Public Radio, which has more than 6 million followers. One user said, "Congratulations to a wonderful announcer and a worthy cause!"

Others, however, remarked on how endearing Kaunda and Kindani's connection was.

One user commented, "What a way to get love from an elephant. 'My silly baby girl,' a different user commented.
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