After several strokes, dog can’t walk to bedroom – so his family sleep beside him on the couch every night

As they age, our dogs begin to slow down a little, but we make every effort to ensure that they are content and at ease as they approach old age.

One family, however, went above and above for their elderly dog, changing their sleep habits just to ensure that he felt appreciated.

Spike is an English springer spaniel that is 14 years old. Like many older dogs, he has trouble moving about. He recently had another stroke, which made it challenging for him to use the stairs.

Sadly, this prevented Spike from engaging in one of his favorite pastimes—sleeping in bed with his family, as he has done every night since he was a puppy.

Catherine Morris, Spike's owner, told The Dodo, "The first night we had him, we locked the stair gate and went to bed." "He whimpered for a while, then in the dark he jumped over the fence, trotted up into my parents' room, and jumped right up into the bed! From that point forward, he slept there.

Spike could no longer access his favorite area because their bedroom was on the second story. Despite being frail, he persisted in attempting, and eventually his family had to barricade the stairs to stop him.

Instead, they devised a sweet plan: if Spike couldn't join them in bed, they would go downstairs and share a bed with him!

To ensure that Spike still has company, the family members now alternately put up the pull-out sofa and spend the night with him downstairs.

Catherine was unsurprised to see her parents' new sleeping arrangement when she got home from university because they've always been close with Spike.

According to Catherine, "They're completely intertwined." They are constantly conversing, and my dad refers to him as "old bean."

To make sure Spike receives his medications and maintains his vigor, "my dad will also carry Spike his water and food to the sofa and feed him by hand."

Even though Spike is no longer the pup he once was, his family's devotion for him is still evident.

They are demonstrating their willingness to go above and above for Spike by performing this altruistic deed.

We adore our old dog and are so grateful that he is a part of our family, Catherine said. Hopefully, by showing him all the love in the world, we have made up for his rocky start in life.
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