Everyone is saying the same thing about Daniel Craig's dancing in this Vodka ad

Since retiring from his role as James Bond, Daniel Craig has taken on a new position.

In a new commercial for Belvedere vodka, which was directed by actor Taika Waititi, the 54-year-old actor, who is most known for playing the very somber 007 agent, displayed his humorous side by dancing about.

The Oscar-winning actor flaunted his muscular frame in a tight black vest and pants while shimmying, thrusting, and gyrating around a hotel in what can only be described as a cinematic masterpiece.

Craig, who plays "himself," appears dapper in an all-white suit as the happy ad opens with him gazing out over Paris' Pont Neuf bridge and grinning at the camera.

The Knives Out star then strolls down the street before dancing his way into the Cheval Blanc Paris hotel's lobby as Rita Ora and Giggs' energetic soundtrack plays.

When Craig enters his apartment, he discovers Belvedere Vodka bottles there already. Prior to the Jojo Rabbit actor shouting cut, he takes a taste of the beverage and keeps dancing.

Let's go again, just be yourself," Waititi instructs Craig, who then grinned (with his grills) towards the camera and drank some more of the sponsored beverage before the ad ended.

Numerous admirers tweeted the same thing in response to the Singles Ladies choreographer JaQuel Knight's brilliant choreography for the Skyfall star.

The actor's dancing was compared by many viewers to Christopher Walken's movements in the Weapon Of Choice music video.

"Pretty fantastic Daniel Craig ad for Belvedere vodka with music by Rita Ora & Giggs giving off major Christopher Walken in the Fatboy Slim video vibes," one person remarked.

This is giving me the same excitement as Christopher Walken in the Fat Boy Slim music video," another commenter agreed with the comparison.

The actor and director were praised by a third user for "giving us this Weapon-of-Choice-and-Christopher-Walken sexiness not seen in over 20 years."

It's safe to assume that the majority of social media commentators were wowed by the flashy movements of the Casino Royale star.

Sure, the John Lewis commercial is fantastic, but does Daniel Craig dance in it?, a user gushed.

Another individual couldn't believe that Craig was actually dancing about and called the commercial the "wildest thing I've ever seen."

Another commenter added that the advertisement perfectly captured the actor's "divorced dad vibe of post-Bond."

In the renowned Bond films, Craig is frequently shown sipping a vodka-based beverage, but the 47-year-old filmmaker didn't want to use that apparent perspective for the advertisement.

"Asking Daniel, "Daniel, can you handle a martini?" was almost lazy." On November 9, Waititi spoke with GQ. I was relieved that I didn't even have to keep them amused for very long.

'Oh, we're going to do this high-class thing in Paris and it's in black and white, very pompous, like the opening of a French noir film,' or anything like that, was kind of the fun of messing with [what] people anticipate,' he added.

The distinguished director said that he had no idea whether Craig could dance before the advertisement was shot. He said that while it was initially "risky," the actor was able to burst out a few moves, which was fortunate for everyone.

It was all about having fun with the form, he said, and making sure we never took anything too seriously. "It's just enjoyable to perform an action that makes you wonder, "Oh, is this the genuine Daniel?" Perhaps this is a different Daniel from what we've seen before?"

"He simply had amazing qualities and wasn't coy or reserved about them. He simply leaned close "Waititi threw in.

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