Taylor Lautner gets married to Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner and his new wife have made their relationship official.

The Twilight actor, 30, and his wife Taylor Lautner, née Dome, 25, wed on Friday at Epoch Estate Wines, outside of Paso Robles, California, according to the Daily Mail.

While taking a vacation from performing, Lautner met his wife for the first time. He told People in January, "I wanted to sit back and enjoy life and spend some time with my family and friends. We were really acquainted by my sister Makena. I found your future wife, dude," she stated over the phone. You should get to know this girl. The remainder is history.

The two made their relationship known in 2018, and on November 11, 2021, Lautner proposed in front of a gorgeous fireplace covered with rose petals and candles.

He posted two pictures of the moment he dropped down on one knee on Instagram with the remark, "And just like that, all of my fantasies came true."

On her Instagram page, Dome posted one of the photos with the remark, "My absolute greatest pal... I CAN'T WAIT TO BE WITH YOU FOREVER.

Registered nurse Lautner's new spouse finished her studies in 2019 and expressed her appreciation to the actor for helping her pay for it all in public.

She wrote this as the caption on a cute photo of the two of them cuddling: "Where to even begin... I appreciate your support when I was considering giving up. I appreciate all of the meals you prepared for me while I was too busy studying.

"I appreciate you testing me and attempting to enunciate the acronyms and phrases used in medicine. I appreciate the soothing embraces you gave me when I was having a panic attack. Thank you for your unending support. Without you, I would not be where I am now. You mean the world to me.

In August, Lautner said that following their marriage, his then-fiancée will adopt his last name and go by the name Taylor Lautner.

He made fun of their same last name when appearing on The Kelly Clarkson Show, saying: "[I was] like, are you into this last name? since our names are already similar. Thus, it will be more difficult. We will essentially be the same person. We either keep things very straightforward or very convoluted.
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