Jon Provost ‘Grew Up’ With ‘Lassie’ — 72-Year-Old Fondly Remembers His Time As Timmy

It's reasonable to argue that "Lassie" is on the list of unforgettable and classic television programs. The program featured the exploits of a dog named Lassie and her dependable human and animal friends. With its 17 seasons including syndication, the program, which aired from 1954 to 1973, is the sixth longest-running primetime television series in the United States.

"Lassie" won several honors and nominations when it was on television and has a large following. Some of the show's stars, including prominent standouts Jan Clayton, Tommy Rettig, and Jon Provost, were also able to further their professional careers as a result of the program.

Provost's portrayal of Timmy on "Lassie" remains his most well-known performance as an actor to this day. His debut appearance was in the fourth season of the program in 1957, and he continued to star throughout the majority of its life. Even though Provost was still a young child, his addition to the show helped "Lassie" achieve some of its highest ratings after Timmy's arrival. Provost even made a comeback to television in 1989 to play a new role in "The New Lassie."

Provost's career has been extremely successful since his stint on "Lassie." He is currently in his 70s and still has a lot to be happy about. He is still involved in acting and is even working on a new project. Continue reading to learn more about Provost's ascent to popularity and his future professional goals.

Provost was born in Los Angeles, California, on March 12, 1950. He was cast in the classic film "The Country Girl," starring Grace Kelly and Bing Crosby, when he was just 4 years old. Following that, the budding actor found further roles in various other movies.

Provost's life saw one of its most significant changes in 1957. He was cast in the "Lassie" television series as Timmy Martin. When he first appeared in the fourth season, Lassie, his dependable canine friend, immediately elevated him to the position of main character.

Provost's audition included a test to assess how well he got along with Lassie, according to Dogster. The dog's trainer, Rudd Weatherwax, was unsure of how the two would get along. Provost ultimately spent three days at his ranch getting to know Lassie, and the rest is history.

We got along great," Provost said. I basically got the part because Lassie gave me the thumbs up.

Provost wasn't only popular with Lassie. Once Timmy was made the show's star, the ratings went through the roof and Provost was overnightly famous. But he decided not to have his contract renewed in 1964.

Provost talked with Fox News about his experience working on the well-known show. He stated:

I produced the 249 half-hour episodes over a period of seven years. I had three different Lassies with me at work. I spent five years working alone with the last dog I had. On set, there was always one Lassie. I and the dog shared an affection for one another. We shared a childhood.

Many people remembered an episode of "Lassie" where Timmy fell into a well, but Provost insisted that "it never occurred." This suggests that there may be something of a Mandela effect surrounding "Lassie." And I read the summaries of each episode while I was writing my memoirs, "Timmy's in the Well," he said. I never experienced a good fall incident.

Provost is still actively involved in the entertainment business today. 2019: In an interview with Fox News, he said:

"I'm still actively involved with the company. I do a little voice acting. It never stops. Additionally, viewers from all around the world continue to watch Lassie. I continue to receive fan mail from all around the world, and it's always really kind and says things like, "I didn't have a childhood, but I grew up with you and I escaped.

In Hollywood, it's unusual for young actors to lose their popularity. Provost, though, is a living example that people may succeed at any age. He kept acting after his stint on "Lassie" until 1970, after which he took a little hiatus from the spotlight. He made a brief comeback in 1989 to appear on "The New Lassie," then took a further hiatus.

Provost has worked seldom ever since, although he has kept accepting assignments that he enjoys. He will play the lead role in the science fiction movie "Colonials," which is now in post-production, according to IMDB. As he records the podcast series "Heroes of Extinction," Provost has expanded his abilities and is poised to become a podcast sensation.
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