Kind-Hearted Man Returns $40,000 Diamond Ring He Randomly Finds On The Beach

If you ever came upon any jewels on the streets, what would you do? Would you keep it or give it back? It would be the latter for a man by the name of Joseph Cook.

Cook came across a platinum-and-diamond ring while he was at Florida's Hammock Beach in St. Augustine. He later posted a series of videos on Instagram detailing his journey from the time he discovered the ring to the moment he gave it back to its rightful owner.

Cook discovered the ring while sifting through the sand with a metal-detecting instrument. He found it so stunning that he couldn't believe it. Cook said that although he is accustomed to discovering jewelry on the sand, this was the largest diamond ring he has ever come across.

Cook instantly voiced his pleasure after securing the ring. He declared, "This is the largest diamond I've ever discovered on the shore."

Cook then made the decision to go to other nearby jewelry stores to see whether someone had lost a ring that day, but to his surprise, there weren't any. He instead brought it to a jeweler. He was shocked to learn that it was worth a whooping $40,000.

When calls from an unknown number began to arrive, he decided to ignore them until he discovered they may be coming from the ring's owner. It was the owner of the engagement ring, that much was true.

Owner Tiffany Howard left a comment on Cook's article thanking him for finding the ring for her after it had been missing for a while. It seems to have been Howard's wedding band, which got away during a hurricane.

Howard said, "I am still in disbelief that my engagement ring spent months in the water, churned up by a cyclone, and recovered by YOU!

Howard claimed that she was moved by Cook's generosity and determination to find her.

Even more astonishing is how persistently you searched for me to get it back! I think I have experienced God's goodness through you once more! I appreciate everything you done for me and so many others. Commented Howard.

Cook answered by expressing his own inability to believe it and his belief that it was fated to be.

"I think it was destined to be. As soon as I took up that ring, I realized it was unique. I repeatedly posted it. Since I've messaged businesses in the past without receiving a response, I was genuinely startled when you guys texted me after I emailed the jewelry store, Cook stated.

Cook said he first believed the three rings were a set after discovering three more in the same location. Lots of love and hope you wear it in good health, Cook said in joke. Don't bring it to the beach once again, P.S.

Cook received comments on his article, the majority of which were compliments on his work. Because of this, we adore you so much. You are a good citizen, someone said.

Joe, I really appreciate you being a wonderful guy. putting out every effort to identify the true owner. Another person said, "That's the right thing to do.

Cook was still in disbelief that he had made it to the national news. If there is one thing he is certain of, it is that karma is real, and he has repeatedly demonstrated this:

Every time I return something, I find something better, so I'm glad I was able to give it back because karma is always good.
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