Mama Horse Who Lost baby Adopts Orphaned Foal!

It's really lovely to see the mother horse perform her "happy dance" when she first sees the foal.

It's really lovely to hear something like this. Both the mother and the child have a new child. What a tremendous opportunity for them both. God is a wonderful being who also benefits his creatures. I'm glad she agreed to take the orphaned foal! The Netherlands' Queen Uniek, a Friesian horse, was carrying her first foal. She realized there was a problem as soon as she started to give birth. She was burning her lips and prancing around within her stable because she was nervous at that specific time. Her mother, Yvonne, stood at her side, attempting to calm her down.

An hour later, Uniek gave birth, and the doctors who helped her took out a foal that wasn't breathing. Although they tried their best, it was too late to save him. He failed to succeed. The distraught mare tried repeatedly to resuscitate her foal by licking him, but it was unsuccessful. The foal was removed from the mare's stall while Yvonne continued to console Uneik.

She was aware that her cherished horse was in terrible pain.

Then, fantastic news arrived for Yvonne and the rest of the Friesian Horses team! In a phone call, her acquaintance informed her that they had an orp. In their care is a haned foal. If Uniek was interested in taking the foal in as her own, Yvonne wanted to ask. The initial encounters were quite hesitant. The foal reciprocated her sniff by doing the same. They could tell she was thrilled to have the foal in front of her because she danced a bit, almost as if she were claiming him as her own. It was a truly memorable occasion.

The following day, when they discovered the sweet mother and son inside their stable, Uniek had strong feelings for the foal she had adopted. She followed him everywhere he went. Rising Star and Uniek frequently shared a path. The happiest foal she has ever seen was named Rising Star. Like any juvenile animal, he ran and moved around freely. Uniek made careful to keep her infant in view as she trailed closely behind him. Happy it went successfully for mom and baby in the end!

Rising Star was raised by Uniek, who was a VERY protective and loving mother to him. He has now reached the lovely age of one. She is doing well and in good health. Uniek is a wonderful mare, and she was fantastic with Rising Star, who is now a bit sassy. 

She is such a lovely and regal young lady! She is overjoyed to have a child to care for. She appears to be a fantastic mother... I'm glad they were able to reunite this foal with its mother; she appears content and the foal now has a mother. They are both quite lovely. I appreciate you caring for these lovely creatures. 

May God richly bless this wonderful and lovely new family! 🏡🙏🙏 See more information about this touching tale below:
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