Police officers deliver heater to 92-year-old WWII veteran using gas-powered stove to heat his home

When it comes to remaining warm during the chilly winter months, desperate times call for desperate methods.

The 92-year-old World War II veteran Louis C. Hicks heated his Austin, Texas house using an unusual and risky method: his gas stove and oven.

When the cops learned how he was staying warm, they intervened and provided assistance.

It is quite important. Since the 1940s, I've been striving to do the following things: I've been requesting assistance. And just now, it entered. He declared, "God is good.

Hicks reported his shed's stolen tools to the police by dialing 911 in 2019. Officer Chasity Salazar discovered Hicks' heat source when she went to his house to finish the police report.

"I saw he was using the oven. I am aware that is unsafe. He has the gas on.

Hicks had been heating his house with his stove and oven. He would blow the heated air about with a fan.

He had been using a heater up until that point, but after it burnt a hole in the floor, he changed to something even riskier.

Despite the fact that I am a real veteran, Hicks knew he needed assistance: "You hate to ask anyone because sometimes they'll frown on you. No, I won't. I won't inquire.

But he was simply unable.

Thankfully, Salazar saw his need and gently attended to him.

Salazar and Officer Bino Cadenas were able to surprise Hicks with an electric fireplace thanks to the assistance of her coworkers at the Austin Police Department and a number of charitable organizations.

He declared, "I've never had someone do anything for me. "Nobody ever did anything to help me when my mother passed away and left me to care for my two sisters," I said.
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