Five teenage boys work together to save little kids from drowning in icy, frozen water

Even ordinary days occasionally have the potential to completely change from what they initially were. The day that was supposed to be perfect for one family turned out to be their greatest nightmare.

Without this bunch of young men, things may have turned out very differently.

8-YEAR-OLD RJ, a 4-year-old, and Olivia Heid were having fun in their backyard on Harmony Road in Middletown, New Jersey. Their parents had an idea to make the lovely day even more special for their small family.

Richard and Stephanie Heid made the decision to take their kids snow-sledding for the first time.

They started by going to the sledding slope in Holmdel Park, but it was locked up. When Stephanie asked her family and friends for recommendations on Facebook, they suggested the Beacon Hill Country Club. The family went to the location.

The main hill was too congested and perhaps too steep for their children when they arrived in the late afternoon. They picked a hill with a lesser elevation and a shallow inclination.

In an interview, Stephanie stated, "We have two saucer sleds, but my husband insisted on bringing this gigantic blow-up inner tube sled." "We blew the thing up for 30 minutes while sitting in the vehicle."

Even though the pond was on the right side of the hill, the couple didn't think it would be a problem because it was far from the hill itself.

The youngsters had a great experience on their first try, which inspired them to try again. RJ sat on younger sister Olivia's lap while she sat on the inflatable sled. Their father gave them a strong push, and they started walking.

Up until the sled dangerously ricocheted into the freezing pond under some trees, everything appeared to be going according to plan.

Since it was inflatable, it managed to stay afloat, but it continued to sink with each passing second, endangering the children severely!

At the top of the hill, their parents were screaming for assistance because they were worried they wouldn't be able to get to the pond in time. Fortunately, assistance was on hand.

Fourteen-year-old high school freshman were present in the group. Along with Tyler Armagan, 14, Kieran Foley, Joseph Dietrich, Drew Scalice, Ryan Day, and others had also gone to the hill to go sledding.

When they heard the ruckus, the adolescent lads were busy tossing pebbles into the pond to see if it had all frozen.

Then they noticed the young children falling into the pond. Kieran leapt into the water to save them, disregarding his own safety.

He remembered that terrifying moment, "I didn't see anyone else being able to do anything, so I simply dived in." "I thought, 'Whatever. Since it wasn't very deep, I could easily approach them. My buddies and I made a chain, and we first took the lad and gave him to our pals. I picked them up. After that, I got the girl," stated Kieran.

Mom Stephanie recounted, "I couldn't get down the slope fast enough." We were all yelling and there were other families at the top of the slope. I found it astounding how quickly the boys understood how to create a human chain. I have no idea how they were able to plan it. Everything about it is fantastic.

Because Kieran and Drew were both scouts in Middletown Boy Scout Troop 47, the young men were prepared for one specific purpose. They probably acquired the ability throughout their training.

A youngster lost his headphones, Tyler's phone dropped into the water, and Kieran's boot got caught in the pond during the rescue. The lads all rejected Stephanie and Richard's offer of a monetary prize.

They were absurdly modest. They only wanted to make sure my kids were okay; they had no other desires. My kids kept hearing, "You're secure now," from them. At home, I'm going to make you some hot chocolate and take a nice bath. Stephanie expressed her joy at the touching conversation.
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