Man Becomes First Graduate Of His College With Down Syndrome And Writes History

What are pioneers? By definition, they are those who forge new paths for others to follow, raise the bar with their accomplishments, and rebel against the current quo to pave the way for fresh approaches.

They can be in-form sportsmen who set records, bright scientists who develop novel ideas, or surgeons who conduct novel procedures. However, by pursuing their ambitions, even oblivious people may become trailblazers in their own right.

Dylan Kuehl, a 38-year-old from Olympia, Washington, had a straightforward goal: to finish college. Kuehl was an unusual pupil, though. He has Down syndrome, a genetic disorder that impairs one's mental and cognitive functions. However, driven and motivated Kuehl worked harder than ever to achieve his goal of graduating from The Evergreen State College.

"When I initially started, I was disheartened by comments from individuals that I wasn't prepared for college. Instead of giving up, I assembled a group of supporters. who encouraged me and provided me with the tools I needed to achieve," Kuehl said in a graduation video that was published on June 9, 2022. Out of over 900 applicants, he was one of just three selected to deliver a graduation address.

Kuehl, who enjoys painting and dancing, has a Bachelor of Arts with a focus on writing.

And by receiving his scroll, Kuehl made history by being the first person with Down syndrome to graduate from The Evergreen State College in its 51-year history, paving the way for inclusiveness and diversity.

Kuehl was quick to acknowledge those who had helped him along the way during his address, giving appreciation to his friends, family, classmates, and teachers for inspiring him to remain on his chosen course.

Kuehl added, "All of our effort, persistence, and never giving up has led us to this precise moment.

In addition, he spared a special word of gratitude for his university, stating that Evergreen is built on inclusivity and that many more students can have a right to be involved. We all benefit from the well-rounded community that diversity and inclusion foster.

Kuehl was unwavering about one thing, though, even as he graciously acknowledged their assistance: he earned everything he accomplished via "hard work and perseverance," and no one could take that away from him.

"Our efforts and dreams have brought us all here," he remarked.

With his diploma in hand, Kuehl now hopes to inspire others to dream even higher than he did.

"I want to open new doors for more students with my academic and revolutionary achievements."

Without a doubt, Kuehl's story will motivate people working arduously to realize their aspirations of academic achievement, and the route he has chosen for himself can act as a roadmap for those going through similar difficulties. Kuehl provides us with some words of wisdom to inspire people to think they can do everything they set their minds to.

"Rejoice in your talents. "Live your life with ambition and pride," Kuehl said. "Yes, I am the first student to graduate from this institution, but I won't be the last."

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