Twins Celebrate Their 80th Birthday, And Their 103-Year-Old Mom Is One Of Their Guests

There is no doubting the unique relationship shared between twins. Numerous studies throughout the years have shown this obvious bond that twins—whether fraternal or identical—share with one another. The relationship between twins has even been demonstrated in studies to prolong lifespan, which is thought to be a result of the comfort and social support that come from knowing that someone else has your back at all times.

This lifespan is demonstrated by one pair of twins. David Mosher and Winnie Mosher Merrill, who are both from Brunswick, Maine, celebrated their milestone 80th birthdays together in January 2019. Even though they were thrilled to be able to commemorate their birthdate, one very important guest—their mother, who is 103 years old—took center stage.

Their mother, Helen Mosher, joined the celebration with her kids and saw them blow out their candles. The twins, who were beaming because they could still share their happiness with their mother, were joined by friends and relatives for the celebration.

In her lifetime, Helen has seen a lot. However, it is evident that attending her twins' 80th birthday party was one of her life's high points. As their loved ones surrounded them and sang "Happy Birthday," David and Winnie were unable to contain their joy. The adorable event was even captured on camera for everyone to see.

For the Moshers, 2019 began on a positive note, but tragedy would strike by year's end.

The first daughter in a family of ten, Helen was born on September 17, 1915, in Vale, South Dakota. Helen died away on December 16, 2019, following the celebration for her twins' 80th birthday.

An obituary written by Central Maine described Helen's lengthy and active life. The respected matriarch "mothered more than 80 direct decedents, each of whom carries her enduring legacy of grace, piety and generosity," according to the publication.

Before discussing her family background, it stated that her "lifetime in Maine transcended the tribulations of living history through the Great Depression and multiple wartime services, to which she was no stranger as her Gold Star family gave handsomely to the causes of our nation."

"After falling in love with Charles Mosher, she left her family's house in Windsor and moved into their first home in Benton Station, where they raised a family, before relocating to their last home, which was located on the edge of China Lake. They spent the summers in little cottages on Pine Point on China Lake hosting frequent family reunions and their exponentially growing grandkids. It was here that they lived out their later years in the company of the large family they bore.

Along with the twins, Helen also had an older son named Richard, and all three of them were still alive at the time of her death. Her "emphasis on education, family history, and summers on China Lake with heavy cookie jar lids, eating white perch for supper, listening to Red Sox games on the radio, motor boats, painted rocks leading to the shore, slamming screen doors, the aromatic scent of pine needles, and always her humming melodies somewhere in the house not far away" were how they remembered her.

The twins will always remember their mother's unique 80th birthday thanks to their recollections.

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