Candice Bergen Doesn’t Care If She’s ‘Fat’: ‘Dieting Is Out Of My Purview’

Candice Bergen has made several film and television appearances during the course of her nearly six-decade career. Bergen does not hesitate to broach the matter of one's physical appearance, while working in a field where it has historically been frowned upon.

Before making her feature debut in the movie "The Group," Bergen started her career as a fashion model and on the cover of Vogue.

She has, however, also worked on a number of noteworthy television productions, such as Shirley Schmidt in the drama "Boston Legal." Throughout her career, Bergen has been nominated for several awards, including the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for the film "Starting Over" and the BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for the film "Gandhi."

Bergen's portrayal of the title character in the CBS comedy Murphy Brown may be what makes her most well-known. She won two Golden Globe Awards and five Primetime Emmy Awards for the production, making it one of her most popular TV series.

Bergen spoke on how filming "Murphy Brown" affected her life for ten years in her memoir, A Fine Romance, which was published in 2015.

"For the 10 years I performed on the program, a pitch-black soundstage was the center of my existence. Even though Murphy Brown was working at a newsmagazine, staying up to date on current affairs was difficult. I would travel with the New York Times Book Review back and forth between Los Angeles and New York without ever reading it. At dinner gatherings, I felt out of the loop," she remarked.

Bergen continued by expressing how enjoyable she found playing Murphy Brown. She stated that she didn't want to quit performing the roles she played in the program.

"However, performing 'Murphy Brown' was tremendously enjoyable; I never wanted it to stop. It was a joyful, happy feeling when the writing was good. I had never felt more at ease and self-assured. The role was a gift from God—it was a beautiful role that perfectly fit me. My friends were very supportive of me since getting that part and achieving that level of success was unique for a lady my age, Bergen said.

Bergen is a loving mother to her daughter Chloe Malle in addition to having a successful acting career. She had a daughter named Chloe with Louis Malle, who passed away. Five years after Louis' passing, she wed again in 2000, this time to Marshall Rose.

She achieved a new family milestone in 2020 when she welcomed her beautiful Arthur Louis Albert as a grandchild.

According to Bergen, Chloe will be a wonderful mother, and she said that she hopes her daughter has the same sense of delight being a parent as she did.

In a conversation about her daughter Chloe with Closer Weekly, Candice said, "I know she'll be a great mom." "The only thing I can wish her is the immense joy that becoming her mother provided me. The love of my life is her.

Bergen has always been a devoted mother to Chloe, and this became further clearer after the publication of her autobiography A Fine Romance.

She discussed her "overwhelming love" for Chloe, including watching her develop into the lady she is now, in the aforementioned book. In the same book, Bergen discussed her weight increase and described how, overall, she felt good about it.

In an extract from The New York Post's Page Six, she stated, "Let me just come right out and say it: I am fat."

"I've gained 30 pounds in the last 15 years. I eat to live. I'm not interested in this "eat to live" crap. I can eat like a champion. No fat or carb is secure, she added.

She also talked about the time she felt criticized for attending an event and eating what she wanted. Bergen, though, had the most dramatic retort to the person who gave her a look's judgment: she just didn't care.

I shared bread, olive oil, and chocolate ice cream with my spouse during a recent dinner gathering. I was horrified by the way a woman standing nearby glanced at me before responding, "I don't care."

She chooses to consume stuff that makes her happy instead of trying to be more mindful about her nutrition as most people her age do.

I don't have any authority over diets, she remarked. I want cookies and anything else that makes my pupils enlarge, she said.

Bergen continued, saying she was unable to undertake what her friends go through to maintain their diets.

She said that they do this frequently, after substantial meals like a filet of fish or a piece of steak. She said, "I am not capable of this."

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