Dog 2 Days Away from Being Put Down At Shelter When Owner He Was Stolen from One Year Before Finds Him

We are often advised to get our pets microchipped, and with good cause. It is frequently the case when dogs are found walking around alone, and if there is no kind of identifying evidence to tell who they belong to, it is typically hard to determine who the owner is.

There is also a chance that the dog will be put to death after a set amount of time if it is picked up and transported to a shelter where no one claims it.

This almost happened to a lovely pit bull that was found outside and sent to a shelter. Hank, a grey and white senior pit bull, resided at a modest animal shelter. Even though they gave him socialization classes, the West Palm Beach crew made a lot of effort to make him more adoptable, but it didn't work.

Finally, the shelter was forced to make a challenging choice. When a guy arrived at the refuge, they were just ready to execute him. He started crying when he saw Hank. Barry Gearhart, the guy, prepared a video in which he displayed the viewers who had shown there.

Gearhart's pet dog, Hank, who is actually called Titan, was reared by him from a puppy. He had been taken from his truck more than a year before. Since that time, Gearhart has searched for his lovely buddy without success.

In the hopes that someone might identify him, he had uploaded a few pictures of the dog to a community group. Fortunately, somebody did. A woman remarked that Titan and another pit bull at a nearby shelter resembled each other quite a bit. Gearhart didn't spend any time getting there.

On January 3, 2016, Titan and his owner were reunited after more than a year of separation. We are glad Titan was able to spend the rest of his life with the person who never gave up hope, despite the fact that he was older and coping with some serious health concerns.

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