Megan Fox reveals struggle with body dysmorphia

Megan Fox has "never" appreciated her own body and battles body dysmorphia.

The 37-year-old actress has discussed her struggles with body image and acknowledged that she doesn't perceive herself as most people do.

I suffer body dysmorphia, she said to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. I never truly perceive myself the way other people do.

"I have never enjoyed my physique at any time in my life. Absolutely never.

The 'Jennifer's Body' star acknowledged that seeing oneself as attractive has been a "never-ending" process for her.

"That was like an obsession I had when I was little, that I should look THIS way," she continued.

I'm not sure why I was conscious of my body at such an early age. I believe that the road toward embracing oneself will never cease.

Megan said that she wanted people to focus on her "aura" rather than her physical looks when they first met her.

I want everyone would notice my aura since it's unique and I have a rainbow aura, she remarked.

Megan asserted last summer, despite her lack of confidence, that she would have gone "naked everywhere" in 2009 if it weren't for the family-friendly "Transformers" film franchise's executives forbidding her from disrobing.

She stated to the Evening Standard, "My year of peak fame was 2009." 'Transformers' press tour's second leg was when it happened.

Back then, I would have gone completely nude everywhere, but that was not permitted.

She also retaliated against other women who teased one another for attempting to seem seductive after giving birth, calling it evidence of a "patriarchal" culture that must be destroyed.

Megan, a mother of three who shares a 48-year-old ex-husband with boys Noah Shannon Green, 10, Bodhi Ransom Green, 9, and Journey River Green, 6, lashed out, saying: "What awful message for women to offer each other. What happens once you reach key life milestones and have children? Why should you no longer be seductive?

"After giving birth to a kid, you ought to feel and be sexier than before.

"We need to shed this very misogynistic, patriarchal idea that has been imposed on women."

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