Interabled Couple Responds To Misconceptions About Their Relationship By Documenting How 'Fun' And 'Normal' It Is

From their first date to their daily life, YouTube sensations Hannah Aylward and Shane Burcaw chronicle everything. The couple is accustomed to revealing practically every aspect of their relationship. Aylward and Burcaw are distinctive even though a pair with a YouTube account is nothing new. The couple is interabled, which means that while the other is able-bodied, one of them is disabled.

Burcaw is unable to walk or move his arms because he has spinal muscular atrophy. Aylward, his companion, is a tall, blonde, athletic type who was a collegiate swimmer in the past. She doesn't appear to have any physical restrictions.

Even though their relationship may seem implausible, the couple is deeply in love, and they aren't shy about showing it to their online fans. They go so far as to disclose information about their relationship's more private moments and respond to inquiries about sex and how Burcaw's sickness affects it.

Their YouTube channel, Squirmy and Grubs, has more than 945,000 followers. However, Burcaw had already built a media presence before becoming well-known online. He launched "Laughing at My Nightmare," a blog in college that attracted a sizable following. He then penned a life-story book with the same name.

The "Office" actor Rainn Wilson created a brief documentary about Burcaw in 2013. Aylward discovered the documentary online in 2016, while she was a college student, three years later. Burcaw received her email, and the two started corresponding throughout the day. As they say, the rest is history.

2019 saw the release of Burcaw's second book, "Strangers Think My Girlfriend Is My Nurse." In it, he explained how, despite what some people might think, his impairment strengthened their bond.

He claimed that because of his condition, he was compelled to reveal his weakness immediately away, making their relationship that much more personal.

He proposed to Aylward the same year. Burcaw admitted to Inside Edition that he was afraid when it came time to ask Aylward's parents if he could marry her, despite the fact that he usually has no issues being vulnerable in front of thousands of people on his YouTube channel. Thankfully, her parents were utterly encouraging. Aylward's mother started crying from happiness.

Burcaw gushed, "It was very cute, and she came up and gave me a big embrace, and her dad was quite thrilled too." "Having that kind of support, therefore, means a great deal to me."

Burcaw desired utter surprise surrounding the proposal. He waited until they were enjoying a dinner celebration for her recent graduation with Burcaw's family. Burcaw eventually pretended to be ill to get her alone after waiting for the ideal opportunity to do so.

He asked me to remove the ring after saying some kind things and concealing it behind his back, according to Aylward. It was very adorable.

In September 2020, the pair exchanged vows in a private ceremony because they wanted everyone to see them as they truly are: normal.

"So we're just trying to show people that our life is normal, silly, and fun and disability is a part of it in the ignorance we face, but it doesn't hinder our existence," Burcaw told PEOPLE.

A separate article by Burcaw titled "6 things I want you to know about our interabled relationship" was also published in TODAY. He enumerated the details of his affection for Aylward that he wanted everyone to know. People frequently perceive me as a child or as someone who cannot possibly be in a love relationship because of the pervasive and deeply ingrained misunderstandings about disability, he said.

He also related a story in which the cashier asked Hannah, "Does this large guy want a lollipop?" as he and Hannah were checking out at a liquor store. He went on, "Nope, just the beer, I responded, rising to speak. I'm grateful, sir."

After viewing "Squirmy and Grubs," hundreds of other interabled couples have contributed their own stories, and Burcaw wants people to realize that his relationship is not unique. He asserted that "These texts all share the same, profoundly simple theme: "Our relationship feels so normal! Why is it that nobody else can see that?"

Another issue that many people might be thinking about but not expressing was brought up by him: "Many of our viewers have mistakenly concluded that by being with me, Hannah is signing up for a life of barren celibacy." Burcaw made it clear that they like their relationship and that they both intend to start a family in the future.

Burcaw added, "Although I can't do the laundry or wash the dishes, I still make a contribution to our lives by making calls, scheduling appointments, and making grocery lists. To assist one another, "both do equal physical and emotional obligations."
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