Meet The Millionaire Who Spent His Entire Fortune On Saving Stray Dogs

The real significance of puppy love.

Wang Yan, a Chinese businessman, founded a rescue facility in Changchun city in 2012.

When he tragically lost his own cherished dog in the same year—likely to a slaughterhouse—it served as motivation for him to take this action.

Since then, he has donated almost all of the money in his name to the dog center.

According to The People's Daily Online, Wang, 29, has spent millions to save almost 2,000 stray puppies from the slaughterhouse.

Wang offers prayers to a dog figurine that he has placed in the middle.

Over 200 canines of various breeds are now being cared after at the facility.

They now have the chance to start over thanks to Wang's generosity.

At the moment, the center is home to around 200 canines of various breeds. They have a new life because to Wang.

Around 14 years ago, Wang made millions of dollars working in the Chinese steel sector.

Everything he has made has gone toward the center, including the dogs' food and care.

When his own dog passed away, Wang told reporters:

I looked everywhere, but it was in vain. I was finally allowed to enter the slaughterhouse so I could try my luck there.

More people like Wang are needed in this world.
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