Rescue Dog Refuses To Let Go Of His New Owner’s Arm As They Ride In The Car Together

Stanely, a bully breed dog Same Clarence got from an animal sanctuary in New Zealand, was probably not what Clarence would have called a "Velcro Dog" at the time. Especially while they are in the car, Stanley won't let Clarence stop touching him.

Clarence told The Dodo, "We have to be touching all the time. He makes a lot of compelling arguments. When he was just six months old, Stanley and his mother were discovered in an abandoned house. After viewing a picture of the dog, Clarence made the decision to adopt Stanley.

When Stanley was taken home by Clarence, he was quite terrified. When we came home, "he was terrified, and it took him an hour to slowly come out of the car," Clarence told the publisher. I gave him a large bath, some food, and a cozy bed next to the fire once he came out. But Stanley quickly grew fond of his new house and Clarence's attention for him.

When he was a puppy, he used to lie on the bed with me and we were always in contact, according to Clarence. If I moved, he would move as well. He would lay behind me and always have at least one paw in contact with my back.

Clarence emphasizes that Stanley must now stay in regular communication with Clarence even when they are in the automobile. "Same thing if we are watching TV. Until I contact him, paws will start flying in my direction. Simply his peculiarity. He will even do it to my flatmate if I'm not home.

The ecstatic owner continued:

"He just wants to please everyone, so he goes along with everything. He is a really happy boy and laughs constantly. Never before have I met a dog with such a strong personality.

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