Tom Selleck Tips Waiter Over $2,000 In New York Restaurant

Tom Selleck's endearing generosity to the employees at Elio's Restaurant in New York City in December 2020 was relayed by Donnie Wahlberg. Selleck's massive $2,020 tip was his way of taking part in Wahlberg's "2020 Tip Challenge" to spread pleasure this year. The "Blue Bloods" co-stars are on a quest to promote kindness down until the very last moments of 2020.

Two of Hollywood's most beloved celebrities, Wahlberg and Selleck, had made the decision to take up each other's challenge to pay it forward to restaurant employees as the year 2020 was drawing to a conclusion. On December 23rd, Wahlberg made the decision to tweet about the fact that fellow actor Selleck left a $2,020 tip on a $204.68 bill. Tweet stated:

"I learned that Tom Selleck, who plays my TV father, graciously accepted the #2020TipChallenge at Elios Upper East Side! I 3 you, dad."

The "New Kids on the Block" singer-turned-star said in a conversation with PEOPLE that Tom Selleck had dinner at Elio's Italian restaurant in New York City back in November. The restaurant has a history of drawing celebrities and elites, according to The New York Times. Before his co-star revealed the information, Selleck had kept the kind deed to himself for weeks. 

Since he did it, we have filmed three dinner sequences for "Blue Bloods," but he has never told me.

Continue reading to see how Selleck's generosity has impacted the situation and how the 2020 Challenge expanded to engage additional celebrities in the cause.

Tom Selleck, who portrays Frank Regan, the police commissioner on the CBS program "Blue Bloods," made a brief mention of Wahlberg in his statement to the restaurant employees. Wahlberg, he said, served as his model for generosity toward the waitstaff and a hefty tip. Selleck authored:

"I am fulfilling my buddy Donnie Wahlberg's "Tip Challenge" in memory of Elios and expressing my honest wish for a brighter 2020. Thank you everybody."

Giving back without receiving praise is nothing unusual for Tom Selleck. Selleck stated to PEOPLE in April 2020:

"I'm usually quite private. And I've always valued finding a balance between my career and family time. They are constantly the focus. I stay calm because of my connections and ranch."

When Selleck refers to his ranch, he is referring to the one that he and his daughter Hannah, 32, jointly manage. Hannah Margaret Selleck, the only child of Tom Selleck and Jillie Joan Mack, decided against acting and became a professional horse rider. For Tom, the ranch has been the perfect get-away from Hollywood. From working 90 hours a week to acting in a movie during every break, he had gone from doing all of that to quitting everything to start a family with his wife Jillie Joan Mack.

According to him, he left Magnum (P.I.) in order to have a family in 2012. "I strive very hard to have balance, and this ranch has helped me achieve that," the speaker said after taking a long time to exit the train.

Selleck has returned to concentrating on his acting profession and is filming "Blue Bloods" in busy New York City after spending a lot of relaxing time in California on the horse ranch.

A multigenerational police family is the subject of the television series "Blue Bloods," which debuted on CBS in 2010. As Frank Reagan, Selleck portrays him as the head of the Reagan family as well as the police force. In both his business and personal life, the family man is shown as a leader who makes highly diplomatic judgments, while his son Danny, played by Donnie Wahlberg, is quite the contrary.

The persona of Wahlberg As the team's experienced investigator, Danny is less of a follow-the-rules officer and more of an unusual, not-by-the-book kind. Like Selleck's character, he is a veteran of the Iraq War and a family guy. Given that Frank Reagan's father served as the police department's chief and that Danny's new method of inquiry puts strain on the law enforcement history of the family in the program, the generational friction is exacerbated by the contrast in working techniques.

Since Selleck and Wahlberg have been portraying these characters for ten years, it is not surprising that they have humorously taken the father-son interaction off-screen. Except for his tweet about the restaurant tip, in which he addressed Selleck as "dad," Wahlberg has consistently praised the actor in interviews. In a February 2020 interview with Pop Culture, Wahlberg gushed about Selleck and said:

"Before you ever sit down with him, he has already generated 500 ideas on his own. That demonstrates how committed [Tom Selleck] is to his career; his sole goal is to advance the plot and the screenplay."

Selleck discussed the program in an interview with Parade.

"What I find to be so great about this program is as follows. First and foremost, our show is character-driven. 2. We are a family-friendly program. It's not The Waltons when we think of family in the broadest sense. After 10 years, I'm persuaded that anything that jeopardizes the connections in this family is the biggest threat to our show. The actual drama and tension are there there. The program is essentially about family in the broadest sense and dangers to that family's status quo, if you could draw that out as a theme.

Considering that "Blue Bloods" is currently in its tenth season, it seems like the ideal coincidence that Selleck, who portrays the show's family-dinner-loving father, would give his dinner servers at Elio's such a generous tip.

The "2020 Tip Challenge," to which Selleck alludes in his letter, is an old fad. The challenge, as reported by ABC News, began in Michigan in January 2020 when a single mother left a waitress at Thunder Bay River Restaurant a $2,020 tip on a $23 transaction. In their hometown of St. Charles, Illinois, Wahlberg and his wife, "The Masked Singer" presenter Jenny McCarthy, officially began the challenge by leaving a $2,020 tip for an IHOP server. When leaving a $2,020 tip on a $35.27 tab for his waitress at Marshland restaurant in Plymouth, Massachusetts, Wahlberg repeated the extravagant tip.

Numerous celebrities opted to participate in the tipping practice, which turned into a sensation. According to The Sun, James Corden, Harry Styles, and Adele left their own $2,020 tip on a bill after dining out in the Caribbean just a few days after Wahlberg and his wife did.
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