A Newborn Aardvark Has Been Born At Chester Zoo For The First Time In Its 90-Year History!(photo)

Chester Zoo is thrilled to commemorate the birth of its first aardvark ever...!

Congratulations on this lovely, priceless treasure's safe arrival.

Wonderful news—kind it's of cute in an ugly way. Congratulations to the Chester Zoo!

After the baby was born on January 4 during the night, conservationists found it cuddled up with its eight-year-old mother Oni and six-year-old father Koos.

The calf, which was born with massive drooping ears, hairless skin that is wrinkled, and enormous claws, is presently being hand-reared every evening by zookeepers who are giving it committed care. For around five weeks, the infant has been fed periodically throughout the night to help it acquire strength.

Animals adapting to have children successfully in captivity is lovely but also sad.

Staff members gave the boy the moniker Dobby because of his likeness to the beloved Harry Potter figure.

Aardvarks are indigenous to sub-Saharan Africa, where habitat loss brought on by agricultural growth has put them in danger and caused them to clash with local farmers. They are sought for for their meat as well.

The nocturnal animals hunt for ants and termites using their lengthy, up to 25 cm long tongues that are coated in sticky saliva using their excellent sense of smell and long nostrils.

They build subterranean tunnels where they sleep and rip up termite mounds with their sharp claws.

It's a historic first since this is the first aardvark to be born at the zoo.

Aardvarks are very secretive animals that are often only active at night, therefore little is known about some elements of their daily existence. We may learn more about endangered animals like aardvarks by taking care of them in zoos and observing how they live, behave, and are biologically.

It's incredible how a newborn grows to adore its mother.

Only a few zoos worldwide are a member of the conservation breeding program that this young calf will join.

Fantastic and I hope it won't be the last! Our planet is in a bad situation, thus we must do all in our power to SAVE OUR PLANET.
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