Baby Seal Stops To Thank His Rescuers For Freeing Him Before Rejoining His Family(video)

Humans have had a negative influence on marine life both directly and indirectly. Unsustainable fishing methods, oil spills, errant fishing nets, and improper waste management are just a few of the activities that affect aquatic life and put it in risk while also causing it great misery. The non-profit group Ocean Conservation Namibia (OCN) advocates for the wellbeing of these silent creatures. 

Watch how OCN rescuers Antoine and Naude search Walvis Bay for seals caught in fishing nets in this video. The two do this early patrol every day since the area's numerous commercial fishing operations frequently result in seals being entangled in those nasti wires. But a cute, adorable baby seal saved the day for the rescuers, making it a memorable one!

When a seal is caught in a fishing net, it panics and frantically runs around. They frequently suffer serious injuries as a result of the piercing nets tightening around their fragile bodies. Most of these seals would starve or suffocate to death without help from rescuers.

The rescued seals frequently bite their rescuers and flee in a frenzied state, which is natural given their tense survival fight. However, when they caught one anxious young seal in this video, Antoine and Naude were in for a touching surprise!

When the rescuers reached this specific seal cub, he was unusually peaceful. A jagged fishing line hurt his neck as he stared at them with his large, melancholy eyes. When a rescuer touched his neck to cut the net, he trembled in fear. But as soon as he was set free, the seal's face lit up with joy!

This newborn seal didn't scoot off at great speed to join his herd as his fellow rescued seals did. Instead, he stayed in the sand, turning his head to the rescuers in a sweet attempt to express gratitude. What a darling! It's unfortunate that such amazing species suffer as a result of careless human behavior.

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