Rescued puma can’t be released into wild so he lives as a spoiled house cat.(10 photos)

Have you ever imagined what it might be like to share your home with a puma who believes it is a domestic cat?

Since 2016, Messi the puma cat, named after the well-known Argentine player, has resided in the Penza, Russia, apartment of adoptive parents Aleksandr and Mariya Dmitriev. Messi is leading the life of a spoilt pet cat, which is the life that we all think of.

When he was just three months old, Messi "the large exotic cat, not the skillful and recognized pro footballer" was sold to a Penza petting zoo. He was a bit shorter than normal. He had medical problems. In a zoo, he couldn't survive. He was also unable to reside in a nature preserve. The crew of the petting zoo was also considering putting the wild cat to sleep. Aleksandr and Mariya arrived at that point to help save the affectionate cat.

With Aleksandr and Mariya Dmitriev, Messi resides.

Even though Messi is referred to as their kitten, caring for it is more like caring for a dog than a cat. For instance, a dog training facility has to be used for its training. Additionally, Messi now has a solid command of ten orders, "but we doubt he can score a goal" The Dmitrievs bathe their puma in the bathtub, feed it raw meat, chicken, and turkey, and take it for walks to "imagine what their neighbors' responses are like."

Just like lynx, pumas are adorable and simple to nurture. They also enjoy to play.

Many people admired the Dmitrievs' concern for Messi when he first gained internet fame. There were some detractors, though. The puma should be sent to a wildlife refuge, they pleaded with the pair. Messi, according to Aleksandr and Mariya, could not endure in the wild. Furthermore, it should be emphasized that the pair does not promote the domestication of tigers or other large cats, with the exception of Messi, who is unusually kind, composed, and frail.

However, this cat belongs in a sanctuary, not a studio apartment.

This particular puma is quite peaceful and friendly.

Our affectionate Messi is widely referred to in the media as a puma. But did you know that there are a ton of additional names for pumas? include mountain lions, red tigers, and cougars. The Dmitriev family, however, has plans to adopt a leopard because a puma won't do. Messi needs a friend, after all.
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