Blind 8-Year-Old’s Piano Skills Mesmerizes And Moves Mom To Tears(video)

If listening to music is like eating for the soul, Pek Nisa Göker has a lot of it. This 8-year-old Turkish girl's astounding piano talents have music fans all around the world spellbound. She can perform Mozart and Chopin classical works as well as own compositions. Her creativity is all the more impressive given that she is blind.

Her family in Kaş, a beach town in Antalya, Turkey, became aware of her skill at a young age, and her mother posted recordings of her playing online. The videos were originally published on YouTube in September 2021 and Instagram in April 2021. She has more than 95,500 followers on Instagram and more than 8,500 subscribers on YouTube. The entries include videos of Göker performing Handel's "Sarabande" and Chopin's Spring Waltz by French composer Paul de Senneville.

Furthermore, Göker writes her own music. In several Instagram postings, her mother gave explanations of the sources of the titles and original music. On January 29, 2022, Göker played the piano for "Mr. Loran," a new musical composition about a little child who fantasizes about flying on bird wings.

In a video that was published on July 13, 2022, Göker performed another challenging original composition. Her daughter asked her mother if she may play the piano instead of sleeping in the middle of the night. I got permission to take a picture. It was my idea to write this piece. Its name was "Dream."

Her mother demonstrated how she learnt to play the challenging piano pieces without the ability to read music sheets in an emotional video that was uploaded on May 13, 2022.

The complete video is available at the conclusion of this piece.

The theme tune from the "Game of Thrones" opening credits was being performed by Göker's mother. Göker's performance of the song after hearing it made her mother sob.

Her mother added that she attempts to play the notes one at a time after first writing down the ones she hears in her brain. She retains everything she hears.

Her extraordinary skill has caught the attention of Turkish music fans, and she has received invitations to sing at prestigious places including Istanbul's Maximum Uniq auditorium and other venues, in addition to appearing on television.

As she revealed that Göker will soon release an album of her own works, she also included a video of her daughter lighting up the sound booth during a recording session.

Göker, one of a set of triplets, celebrated her eighth birthday on May 20, 2022, with movies and pictures of her family taking pleasure in everyday activities.

In one moving post, Göker dances with her father to a recording of the song "Flowers of my heart," which she composed especially for him.

Her videos have become popular online due to her talent at such a young age.

"This is as smooth and wonderfully performed as I have ever heard it," an admirer tweeted. Not merely error-free notes, but also flawless pitch and rhythm. use just her little hands.

She is quite skilled, an another Instagram user said. God be with her.

We are really glad to see Göker's ability being developed by her family and being appreciated by thousands of people, and we wish her many more joyful days playing the piano.

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