Newborn Monkey Found Mummified Inside A Cardboard Box, Shows Incredible Transformation

When rescuers discovered an orangutan, they assumed he was already deceased. Gito, a young orangutan, was left to die after being confined in a cardboard box covered in urine. Thepetneeds reports that because he had been subsisting solely on condensed milk, he was really dangerously undernourished.

According to rescuers from International Animal Rescue, Gito appeared "mummified," but his situation was actually one of neglect and brutality (IAR). Even the squad members who were the strongest were startled when they observed Gito's condition, the organization said on its website.

Thankfully, thanks to the efforts of the IAR crew, Gito is now living the life that every animal deserves. He is now able to leap, play on the jungle gym, and look into the camera. IAR posted some pictures of Gito and stated that they were happy to do so since they showed how far he has gone since being rescued. He looks so much better, and he gets healthier every day.

His development has pleased the vets much, and it is anticipated that he will return to the wild in a day. He's also getting more animated.

Gito at least recovered the life he ought to have. Gito's success story demonstrates to the public the fantastic work that organizations like IAR can perform in animal rescue. See the video down below.

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