The Internet Is Going Crazy Over The Girl That Lost 309 Lbs And Her Astonishing Transformation(video)

Sometimes it's easier to say than to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay in shape. It might be challenging to change up long-standing, familiar routines, but everything is achievable with effort and willpower.

Most people have attempted to lose a little weight at least once in their life. The biggest issue after losing weight is typically keeping it off. Losing weight is frequently quite difficult. Additionally, some people experience additional difficulties that might make it difficult to lose weight, such as thyroid issues and hormone issues.

However, for individuals who are determined to reduce weight, there is nothing that can stand in their way. One such person is Indiana resident Lexi Reed. Lexi has developed into something of an online sensation in 2018 as a result of sharing her personal experiences, and she has become a beacon of light for obese and overweight people who feel that they will never be able to reduce weight via diet and exercise. Amazingly, Lexi's husband gave her a lot of encouragement as they both started dieting and exercising. Together, the pair shed more than 400 pounds.

Over 1 million people follow Lexi on social media as a result of her candor and openness about her struggle. She conveys a message of body positivity and, more significantly, is aware of the impact she has on others. Even though Lexi and Danny put on a little weight while the Covid was in lockdown, they are still pleased with their overall improvement.

After shedding over 300 pounds during her weight loss journey, Lexi Reed is the epitome of someone who has the resolve to be in shape. In order for others to follow along and learn from her, she even kept track of her progress along the way on Instagram.

At her heaviest, Lexi weighed 485 pounds and was consuming at least 6,000 calories a day, saying to Women's Health Mag in November 2018, "I was honestly just fed up with weighing 485 pounds." I was dining out many times a day, and because I loved anything fried, it was mainly greasy fast food. Cooking at home was never the norm, and neither were veggies.

But as soon as she committed to leading a healthy lifestyle, she was unstoppable. She even got her husband, Danny, involved; he helped her stay on track with her goals and she reciprocated by doing the same for him. According to PEOPLE, the pair shed about 400 pounds jointly, which is a remarkable achievement!

However, just like with persons who are very overweight, weight reduction always comes with additional issues, such uncomfortable loose skin, and Lexi had to deal with this. According to Women's Health Mag, Lexi underwent a lower-body lift to remove extra skin from her belly and outer thighs and to shape her buttocks.

Lexi underwent a nine-hour procedure that required the removal of seven pounds of skin and altered her life in several ways. Lexi remarked on the surgery, "It's amazing to me that I can look down and see my feet or feel [my] hip bones for the first time in my life." It was always more important to be healthy and pain-free than to have a flat stomach.

According to NBC News, Danny and Lexi set separate weight-loss objectives for themselves. Lexi went a step further and started an Instagram account to hold herself responsible. She remarked, "I began it because I didn't want to bother all of my Facebook friends with my postings. I imagined maybe I'd get 10 Instagram followers."

But before she realized it, her account had received a lot of attention, and she now has over 1 million followers. She said, "It's weird; I didn't expect to get recognized." But Danny and I think it's been very amazing to be able to tell our experience because we simply want to go with the flow and inspire someone if we can.

The fact that she continues to post positively about everything pertaining to body image, including regaining some weight during the COVID pandemic, which Danny wrote about in a post on his Instagram page, shows that she is aware of the influence she has over people who look up to her. She told Woman's Health Mag, "I feel responsible for a million people on the internet daily."

"I didn't feel as little or confident as I did the last time that I went there or that I was on the beach," she captioned one of her most recent images. "But I refuse to conceal this body or allow that hold me back. All bodies are beach bodies!"

Her main point is that it's more important to acquire life than it is to lose weight.
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