A Kind-Hearted Boy Saved The Three Puppies Left Outdoors In The Box(video)

At a shelter in Mexico, three pups and a note explaining why the owner had to give the animal up were found stashed inside a cardboard box. An adorable dog showed up at a Mexican animal shelter on February 13th, according to a text message. The shelter said on Facebook, "Someone left this puppy at the shelter's door, inside a box, with a text." 

The young author of the message said that his mother's dog was acting strangely and that his father was attempting to sell him. He left the dog here to save him in his condition of s as a result. The little child who left the message said that he had to hide the puppy from his father since the latter had been "s" the unfortunate animal after the mother dog ".

One morning while Andrés was returning from school, he heard a disturbance. Walking down the street was a kind and giving young man. As he walked down the street, Andrés heard sounds coming from the box. There was motion within. Following the sound, Andrés came upon something that made him feel awful for the puppies. There were still three pups inside the package. 

The words "No time to take care of them, their mother is..." on the crate of dogs touched Andrés. The pups seemed to be in dire straits. After feeding and letting the puppies out of the box, he went straight to her house.

The child immediately alerted the neighborhood rescue organization so that the three canines could be taken care of there. They conducted some study and learned that the uncle came from a destitute household where the owner constantly changed the dogs. 

The son of the household saved the dogs by bringing them to a secure area. Someone said, "I just hope that someone helps that young man and his three dogs." Additionally, that he might be able to get his pet back. To do what he did, that little man had a really good heart.
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