A Touching Story Veteran And Loyal Dog Go To Heaven Together.

The heartwarming tale of a soldier going to paradise with his devoted dog.

The journey of a valiant veteran.

Serving his nation has been Daniel Hove's life's work. He served in the Air Force for a long time. He joined the fire department after being released from the army.

Hove's doctor gave him a "devas.ta.ting" diagnosis of pancreatic cancer in 2012.

Gunner, a devoted Labrador who is 11 years old, belongs to Daniel. These two are inseparable best buddies and never part ways.

This dog is an absolutely poignant example of the dedication and affection that a Gunner dog exhibits around the world.

Sadly, Hove's health deteriorated in his latter years. However, Hove and Gunner the dog are frequently seen snuggling. The dog is incredibly devoted and never deserts its owner.

Gunner, Daniel Hove's dog, and he will always be together.

Hove's situation grew more challenging despite chemotherapy treatments. Hove never leaves Gunner's side, not even while he sleeps. Along with Hove's health, Gunner's health also decreases by "li.ne."

They remained great friends till the very end, according to Hove's daughter Heather Nicoletti.

Since Hove's illness worsened, the dog has been "fa.lling unwell."

This endless period has been entered by Hove and his dog Gunner. Hove is unresponsive, and Gunner the dog is unresponsive.

After a few days, Gunner grew drowsy. He felt his arm swelling and going numb. Gunner, the dog owned by Heather's father, has to depart.
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