Grandma celebrates 107th birthday, says reason for her longevity is ‘I do what Bible tells me’(video)

It's no small effort to live beyond 100 years old, and it's not something that many people can take pride in. This South Carolina resident, who is 107 years old, has been there for several significant events in American history.

She has now disclosed what she thinks contributed to her longevity.

On October 10, 1915, in the South Carolina hamlet of Santee in Orangeburg County, Adell Julie Thompson was born. She has lived in the same place for more than a century and has never moved.

Adell has lived more than 100 years, and throughout that period she has seen many famous things. A lot of them have had a significant influence on her life!

A significant accomplishment is to live to be over 100 years old. To mark her birthday and show her how much she means to them, friends and relatives arranged a procession to celebrate her long life.

Of course, Adell was moved by this act of kindness, saying, "I never imagined I'd live to be 107. However, the Lord protected me, so I strive to act morally, I suppose so that others won't talk negatively about you.

The 107-year-old reflected on the past while discussing how much things had changed since she was a child. She said that she no longer even recognized the town.

The community had changed so radically before her very eyes, from using mules and horses to driving vehicles.

She also remembered times when she and her brothers had worked on family farms, picking cotton. She discussed her history in a melancholy manner. She disclosed that she had attended an Elloree school and had subsequently served as a stand-in teacher for the second grade in the 1930s.

She then discussed getting married to Eddie Thompson in 1940. She now remembers many important events in American history. She may discuss the 18 U.S. presidencies she has experienced, World War II, and how she also witnessed the 1929 stock market crisis.

With her three daughters, six grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren, and even three great-great-grandchildren, she has a sizable family. The fact that Barack Obama became president may have been the most incredible aspect of living so long. Adell said, "I had no dream I would see that.

What is the key to such a long life, exactly? Adell thinks this is an easy matter. I follow the instructions in the Bible, she claims.

Her dedication to God—which many of us may already be aware of—is her not-so-secret key to longevity. She expressed her intention to be faithful till the very end.

Adell Julie Thompson is really motivating. We'd like to congratulate her on reaching this significant birthday. And wish her a long, healthy life filled with those she cherishes!
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