Homeless man’s birthday party for his dog warms the hearts of many, leading to a better life for all(video)

Some individuals who are homeless and isolated find comfort in their animal companions. They have cause to grin and rejoice when they see these animals up close, much like Choko José Luis Matos, a resident of Bucaramanga, Colombia, did.

Earlier this year, a passerby noticed Choko and his canine friends Shaggy and Nena sitting on stairs in a nearby park.

The trio first gave off the impression that they were enjoying the pleasant evening air, but the party hats revealed that this was a special event.

The buddies were gathering to celebrate Shaggy's birthday. After petting the dozing dogs, Choko unveiled a little cake and candles. He sung "Happy Birthday" to them while clapping his hands.

Choko lighted the two candles on the cake while the two dogs watched him. The homeless man kissed each dog on the face as soon as the fire was put out. He reached for a little plastic knife to slice the cake.

Cake slices were cut by Choko and placed on paper plates for each of his animals. He also received a dish, and he started eating. While they were eating, Choko started wiping away his tears.

Choko undoubtedly wasted money that he might have used to buy food on the party hats, plates, and candles. He knew the dogs deserved a celebration since he was a devoted pet owner.

After the birthday boy had completed his cake, Choko hugged him. The second dog received more love from his devoted owner.

After he stopped shooting, the individual who recorded the priceless moment approached Choko to inquire about their life and offer aid. He learned that Choko had spent years living on the streets after fleeing an abusive household.

Despite being homeless and unemployed, Choko always took care of Shaggy and Nena. He adored them since they were the only family he had.

The creator of the film posted the adorable scenario online, encouraging others to give Choko and his family food, supplies, and cash.

At the park where the celebration was conducted, other animal lovers arrived. The man and his puppies overnight became famous as people took images of him with their own pets.

The gifts Choko bestowed on us didn't end there. Thanks to someone who heard his tale, he launched his own Instagram page, which currently has over 186,000 followers.

He related his experience and revealed that he was from El Peón during an Instagram live. Regarding the trending video, Choko said that while Nena would celebrate her birthday in November, Shaggy was actually enjoying his fourth birthday on that day.

The young man also talked about his goals of becoming a musician and creating an animal refuge.

According to his Instagram, Choko, Shaggy, and Nena now have a home and a better life. As a result, he has already begun giving back by designing some shirts, selling them, and donating a percentage of the proceeds to organizations that work to prevent animal mistreatment.

I was never alone while I was a homeless person. My pets offered delight throughout many difficult occasions; now we'll assist many more!" He revealed.

It's wonderful to hear that this trio is doing well and giving back! Click the video below to watch Choko's dogs and their adorable moment.

source : mypositiveoutlooks.com

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