Pair Of Owls Caught On Camera While Sharing A Tender Moment(3 photos)

Even though sensitivity is the last thing anybody would ever anticipate from a barn owl, this photographer managed to get a shot of two owls having a really intimate time together.

It is quite uncommon to witness two owls at once, much less a pair of these birds of prey cuddling up together, as owls are typically solitary creatures. Well, a fortunate British photographer just had the opportunity to see such a vanishingly uncommon scene. In a little town in Staffordshire, UK, Leslie Arnott was able to get a few pictures of a genuinely passionate encounter between two barn owls.

The duo flew for a long before sharing their special moment because of the challenging conditions in the dark woods, according to the photographer. They began touching one other affectionately and caressing heads. Then came the appearance of a kiss between them. They "kissed" twice, which is something I've never seen before or since.

The two magnificent birds reportedly lingered there on a tree limb for two to three minutes before flying off, according to the photographer. They were really loving with one another during this entire period.

The fact that the two birds are sisters rather than partners makes this much more intriguing. Leslie is confident that we won't discover a reason for their harmless kiss very soon. Although they get along well and are quite devoted toward one another, the two owls are not a breeding couple, she claimed. They are sisters in reality.
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