The Wonderful Golden Retriever Who Celebrated Her 20th Birthday Has Become The Oldest Golden Retriever In The World(6 photos)

The oldest golden retriever in the world just turned 20.

August is a Golden Retriever that resides in Oakland, Tennessee with his devoted owners Steve and Jennifer Hetterscheidt. The adorable canine was acquired from The GoldHeart Golden Retrievers Rescue, a nonprofit rescue group with a Chester, Maryland, location that specialized particularly in golden retrievers, six years ago.

Since 1999, this excellent group has been helping pets in need. Prior to being adopted by the Hetterscheidt family, August, commonly known as Auggie, resided in this shelter. The adorable young lady just reached a significant milestone when she had a 20th birthday celebration.

The reason why Auggie's birthday is so significant and unusual is that it makes him the oldest Golden Retriever dog in the entire world!

With a gigantic banner and a delectable cake, Auggie's devoted owners did their best to make the little cutie's day even more memorable.

The rescue group also celebrated this memorable day on its social media channels!

Jennifer claims that, considering her age of 20, she is unexpectedly in good health.

She likes regular walks in the yard and only experiences a slight amount of shaking when first getting up.

Additionally, Jennifer said that Auggie the adorable dog consumes a combination of wet and dry food and vitamins to assist manage renal issues that were discovered some time after she was adopted at the age of 14.

Happy birthday, sweetheart; you definitely deserve all the joyous events.

On GoldHeart's social media page, Auggie's admirers came to wish the cute girl a happy birthday.

Currently, more than 13,000 comments and more than 28, 000 shares have been made on Auggie the dog's birthday post!

Golden retrievers typically live for 11 years, so Auggie's owners wanted to provide some tips to assist other dog owners give their cherished dogs the longest, happiest lives possible:

1. Pay attention to your veterinarian since they are the ones who know your dog best and can advise you on the best course of action for maintaining their health.

Pay attention to your dog. If you see that they respond poorly to specific foods or activities, mix it up. They communicate even when they are not speaking.

3. Feed your dog high-quality food since it will promote greater health, a happier dog, and you'll save money by not having to pay as many vet expenses if you feed your dog subpar food.

4. Regular grooming can keep your golden retriever looking their best and healthy as it guards against things like ear infections, gum and tooth problems, and even skin conditions.

5. Lastly, give your golden retriever frequent exercise to maintain a healthy heart and muscular system.

That is great counsel.

We appreciate the kindness of the Hetterscheidt family.
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