Meet Saul The Grumpy Rescue Cat Who Made Everyone Fall In Love With Him At The Shelter(4 photos)

The adage "don't judge a book by its cover" is frequently used in casual conversation. Sometimes we take this saying for granted because we lose sight of its true meaning. That's not the case, though, for the staff at the Putney Animal Hospital of the RSPCA, where one day they saw firsthand what it means via the life story of a grumpy-appearing cat named Saul.

On October 15 of this year, a guy reported seeing a stray cat alone and in the rain, prowling the streets of London. RSPCA dispatched an animal collection officer with the necessary information in an effort to save the helpless little cat. When the cat came at the hospital, he was severely injured and ill, so they understood that their top priority was to get him treated and given medication as quickly as possible. Because of the cat's broken jaw, chipped teeth, and missing eye, it was thought that the animal, who they eventually called Saul, had been in a car accident. As soon as Saul's wounds had healed, the hospital personnel had spotted a distinctive feature on his face. Whatever Saul was doing, he constantly had a surly expression on his face. They weren't sure if this was due to the injuries or if he was born this way. His demeanor betrays a different side despite this persistent statement of dissatisfaction. Saul is actually quite positive and is constantly cute and loving. Read the rest of the article below to see how this cat with a frowny expression makes everyone smile.

In a news statement, Caroline Allen, the RSPCA's London veterinary director, stated that Saul had arrived in a really awful shape and that they believed he had also been in a car collision because of damage to his jaw, teeth, and one eye.

The RSPCA took care of him right away, and just as Saul was beginning to feel better, the staff noticed something odd about him: his gloomy expression.

The medical personnel at the hospital wasn't sure if Saul's grouchy expression was brought on by his wounds or if it had been there from birth. Whatever the cause, he is unquestionably more handsome as a result.

They learned that Saul's attitude really contrasts with his grouchy visage as he got to know everyone. He is the sweetest guy ever. He quickly earned everyone's affection and made the entire medical staff smile despite his gruff little face.

His unhappy countenance is evident even when he is snuggled up with his companions or is just glancing about to observe everyone.

Allen predicted that someone will fall in love with the dejected-appearing puss.

Who wouldn't, too? No one could possible dare to avoid falling for Saul, even with the grimmest of expressions, especially when he flaunts his adorable eccentricities like this one.
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