Woman Petitions Airlines To Give Free Extra Seat To Plus-Size Passengers Like Her For Comfortable Flying

One of the most important factors that a passenger considers when purchasing tickets for an aviation trip is comfort. Sadly, some people could go through circumstances that are out of everyone's control. But above all else, every customer has the right to travel in comfort and luxury. As a result, every airline should place the highest priority possible on offering the finest possible service with regard to safety.

For Jaelyn Chaney, a plus-size content writer for travel and lifestyle websites, reserving the neighboring seat on her trips to fit her entire body in an airplane has been an unjust process. She described the bad situations she had in the past once people learnt of her situation in an Instagram post.

"People often ask me if I buy two tickets when I travel, claiming that if I don't, it won't be fair to the person who has to sit next time. She added in the video, "When I tell them I do, they say I'm selfish for taking a seat away from someone. People can't tolerate it when overweight people are pleased, that's a truth. Why therefore should we be interested in what they think?

Chaney, who also dates a man in her size, typically travels with her on all of her flights. In a another video, she added that, depending on the airline, they typically reserve two seats in a row or the entire row to accommodate them.

In her role as a YouTuber, Chaney publishes how-to videos on topics like how plus-size people like her utilize seat belt extenders and how to easily reserve extra seats online.

Chaney is driving the shift to institutionalize a complete policy that may help all clients of all sizes, albeit it goes beyond simply her video. Chaney urged the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) implement a thorough "customer-of-size policy" at all airports across the United States in a Change.org petition to safeguard plus-size passengers like her.

The FAA should require all airlines to adopt a policy that emphasizes the comfort and well-being of all passengers, regardless of their size or handicap, according to Chaney's petition. The aforementioned policy need to provide "clear and inclusive" instructions to provide everyone with the comfort they require when traveling.

Chaney's petition is a reflection of the prejudice and sense of unease they have experienced on past flights, and includes the addition of additional wheelchair-accessible seats, transparent reimbursement and communication rules, sensitive personnel training, and even wheelchair-accessible facilities.

In addition, Chaney's petition urged that airlines provide passengers of all sizes with free seats or even a row to ensure their comfort while travelling.

As she stated in the aforementioned petition, "having to occupy only one seat can cause pain and vulnerability to poor treatment from fellow passengers, including hateful comments, disapproving looks, and even refusal to sit next to them." "This mistreatment of passengers who are plus-size is unacceptable, and it highlights the urgent need for better policies that protect the rights and dignity of all passengers, regardless of size."

Along with the lack of accessibility provided to them, she has also criticized the maltreatment and prejudice of customers of size during Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checks. She pleaded with the company to provide agents with training on how to treat clients with respect and to establish precise policies for doing so.

With more than 8,000 signatures already collected, Chaney's petition is just 2,000 signatures shy of its target of eliciting a response from the authorities. She admitted that she had no idea who would pay for institutionalizing these changes, but she thought the expenses would be "worth it."

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