13-Year-Old Boy Earns A Touching Golden Buzzer Moment In ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ After Singing Like An ‘Angel’(video)

We have been exposed to a significant number of kids who have genuinely exceptional skill because to the numerous reality shows we watch on television. The audience finds it impossible to resist when a young child has greater skill than the majority of adults.

Talented people, regardless of age, may now fully express the gifts that God has given them thanks to talent reality programs like the "Got Talent" franchises. Malakai Bayoh, 13, dazzled the judges of "Britain's Got Talent" Season 16 with her extraordinary performance of "Pie Jesu," a song often sung by a choir or a classical soloist in churches and serious occasions.

Nobody anticipated that the kid, who arrived in such a little and innocent form, would have the voice of a man with classical training and vocal maturity. Malakai's outstanding audition performance completely floored the judges and brought the house down with his heavenly song.

Before going on stage, he told one of the judges, Simon Cowell, that he began singing at the age of 7 as a result of his mother's pressure to enroll him in the church choir because "she's very bossy."

Malakai began his singing career in the choir stalls of London's St. George's Cathedral Southwark. He presently participates in the Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School's Schola Cantorum.

Aled Jones had already noticed Malakai before she entered "Britain's Got Talent." Malakai made his Royal Opera House debut in November 2022 by performing the part of Oberto in "Alcina." The two performed a duet at Covent Garden's stunning St. Paul's Church, also known as The Actors' Church. Jones and Malakai can be seen in a Classic FM video from December 2022 singing "O Holy Night," one of the most well-known and enduring Christmas carols.

People who were familiar with Malakai would have predicted that he would easily receive four yeses from the judges given his early experience as a professional singer. But for them, what was about to happen next utterly astounded them.

Malakai managed to catch the judges' attention early on by singing "Pie Jesu" in front of Cowell, Bruno Tonioli, Amanda Holden, and Alesha Dixon. Everyone in the crowd was astounded to hear his voice.

Everyone in the room, including the audience, was in tears the entire time because of how poignant Malakai's performance was. Everyone got to their feet and started applauding and supporting Malakai as soon as he finished his final note.

Malakai basked in the cheers of the audience while beaming with passion and grinning ear to ear. Cowell then quickly said, "If there's any one word I could use to describe that... golden." The Golden Buzzer was then quickly pressed, sending Malakai to the live performances.

After the golden confetti washed over him, Malakai was ecstatic. He even built a snow angel and tucked some of it in his pockets as a memento. Holden praised his performance as "stunning and flawless," while Dixon admitted that whatever was emanating from him had put her in a "trance." On the other side, Tinioli, who was in tears, complimented him and said he "sang like an angel."

Cowell also disclosed that Malakai's performance epitomizes a Golden Buzzer audition in a tweet from "Britain's Got Talent," which was posted at the same time.

"Precisely when everything was ideal. And it's unexpected and amazing," he added. "If I hadn't struck it, somebody else would have. Because of this, I moved quickly.

Malakai's performance equally astounded the internet, with plaudits gushing all over YouTube.

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