Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedgwick Keep Their 35-Year Marriage Strong With ‘Humor’ And ‘Support’(video)

American actor Kevin Bacon is well known for the musical "Footloose." Among many other movies, he has been in "JFK," "A Few Good Men," and "Apollo 13." Bacon's ability in a variety of genres is one of his assets. He is best known for his roles in the comedy "Tremors," "National Lampoon's Animal House," and "Crazy Stupid Love." The actor was a success on television because to his part in "The Following."

Numerous honors have been bestowed to the actor, including a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award. In addition, Bacon has received Academy Award and Primetime Emmy nominations. In 2003, he was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In addition to being a renowned actor, Bacon is a devoted husband and parent. He has been wed for more than 30 years to the actress Kyra Sedgwick. A son called Travis and a girl named Sosie are their two offspring. The parents sacrificed certain employment opportunities while raising their kids in New York City.

Sedgwick is most known for playing the title character in the television series "The Closer." For her work on the program, the actress received a Primetime Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award. The show had a remarkable seven-season run before it was cancelled in 2012. Along with her humorous performance, Sedgwick is renowned for her part in the comedy series "Brooklyn Nine-Nine." "Something to Talk About," "Born on the Fourth of July," and "Singles" are a few of her movies.

When her children were born, the actress took a vacation from performing, but when they got older, she noticed a comeback of jobs. She and Bacon appear to be enjoying their marriage and sharing a strong commitment to their family. To find out more about the connection between Bacon and Sedgwick, continue reading.

Bacon effectively shifted from acting in film to television during his career. The celebrity hesitated before jumping, though. He revealed to The Guardian that:

"In the past, my management were aware of how angry I would become if they even mentioned a TV show to me. If I were to be sent to the television afterlife, I would view it as a vote of no confidence in my film career. But after a while, I realized that the authors of shows like "The Sopranos" and "The Wire" had turned to television because of how poorly the cinema had treated them. For me, it was still a challenging time. My hand was trembling, I mean. The next three scripts they provided me were some of the best I had seen in a long time. "Schmuck, you could have jumped on this years ago," I said.

In addition, the actor and his brother Michael formed the Bacon Brothers. Kevin occasionally wonders whether people are attending to see his band or only to watch a big movie star. To pretend it didn't exist would be absurd, according to Bacon. We have worked really hard at it, starting in coffee shops. "Sometimes they want to see what I look like in person, and you just hope they leave going, 'The band was good.'" We didn't immediately go for: "The Footloose kid sings!"

Also revealed by Bacon is his preference for New York over Los Angeles, claiming that the latter makes him feel like a "also-ran." "I would experience anxiety and fear," he claimed. "LA's a really great place to be if your movie or television show is a hit, but the rest of the time you're just (nothing)," the author said.

In 2020, Bacon won over hearts all around the world with his heartfelt ode to his wife Sedgwick. Sedgwick and Bacon initially became acquainted in the 1970s after Sedgwick and her brother attended a local production in which Bacon had a role. She was just 12 at the time, and Bacon was 19.

On "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" in 2014, Bacon recalled, "A little girl was in there who had just seen the matinee, and her brother said, 'You liked that actor, go tell him you liked him,' and it was Kyra," according to Us Magazine. She was a little girl, 12 years old, really.

Later in adulthood, when they ran into one other once again, Sedgwick made the decision to try Bacon. In 1988, when Sedgwick was age 23, they got married.

They have now been wed for more than three decades. In celebration of their 32nd wedding anniversary in September 2020, Bacon shared a flashback image from their wedding on social media. He expressed his thanks to Sedgwick, his very special girlfriend, on his Instagram page. The actor expressed his love for his wife in a short, sweet note that gushed about their many years of marriage. Bacon titled his message, "11,680 days with you," Thank you for making each one count.

Following the post, the couple's admirers instantly sent comments in support of their happy, successful marriage and wished the couple well wishes. By counting the precise minutes and seconds that Bacon and Sedgwick had spent together, some people chose the hilarious path. Others, on the other hand, expressed their respect for the couple and their solid bond.

For their 33rd anniversary in September 2021, Bacon submitted another remembrance. The message appeared next to a tender black-and-white picture of the dancing couple:

With you, @kyrasedgwickofficial, let's dance through life. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. You are to blame.

However, the pair has also had some difficult times. Bacon and Sedgwick lost all of their wealth in 2008 after falling victim to the worst Ponzi scam in recorded history. According to Sedgwick, "We found out when the world found out." "It was our savings, the only money we had. Kev had been working professionally since he was seventeen and I had been working professionally since I was fifteen. It was a difficult day.

Although it was upsetting at the time, Bacon and Sedgwick recovered and claimed that it helped them realize what was most important in life: their children and their health.

The couple discussed their lengthy relationship with Glamour magazine and discussed how they both support the other's careers in their interview.

At the time, Bacon said, "Kyra felt pretty strongly that she needed to be present for her children when she started to have them. She would frequently make job decisions that weren't the greatest for her career because of the kids. Although there was more business in Los Angeles, we continued to live in New York because we wanted to raise our children here.

Sedgwick took charge initially, but her husband gave her the credit when she got her big break on the prestigious program "The Closer."

"Then when 'The Closer' came along — I don't even look at this as a sacrifice," stated Bacon. But she had the chance to move to California and become the lead in a TV program when the kids were still in high school or junior high. 'Listen, I'll remain with the kids,' I responded. In this instance, I stated, "I'll stay home, I won't take anything," for the first time in our lives.

Sedgwick is a powerful individual, and her interactions with her family reflect this. For his part, Bacon admits that his wife doesn't put up with a lot of crap and that she demands open communication from her family. By Bacon

She doesn't, but that's a bit different, so no, she doesn't. She expects me to be somewhat forthcoming. She approaches us in a way that is all about our ideas and feelings, whether it be with my kid, daughter, or myself. She completely improved the communication in our household.

Bacon acknowledged that communication was his key to a successful marriage but admitted that he disliked the question. Yes, communication is beneficial. But I've sort of come to the conclusion that I, um, am not in a position to answer that question," he continued. "I can, but I don't want to, and I'll explain why," I said. Every time I visit, this item that is so essential to me is reduced to a one-liner, which cheapens it somewhat. I said, "You know what? I'm through.

Sedgwick and Bacon have addressed all of their difficulties as a relationship together. Bacon cites the Madoff incident as an illustration (called after the con artist who defrauded them of their money). "The day wasn't good. The greatest clichés are children, health, love, and a good home, but quite quickly we were able to appreciate what we had as opposed to anything we lost. As a result, we overcame it together. I just don't think about Madoff at all," he said.

The couple has a daughter named Sosie and a son named Travis. Both of the kids, who are now in their 30s, have joined their parents in the entertainment business. While Sosie has chosen to become an actress, Travis is in a band. On Sosie's decision to pursue acting, Bacon offered his opinions. He stated:

"Inadvertently, Kyra and I had always told her that this was not the kind of life we desired for her. With being a woman on top of the uncertainty, judgment, and lifetime of rejection, there are even additional difficulties. You must be able to say, "I'm going to do this, whatever you say," if you want to be an actor. Her parents, who are both extremely accomplished actresses, refused, but she insisted nevertheless, and that's what you need to succeed.

There has never been any rivalry between Bacon and Sedgwick. "Kyra and I have faith in one another as performers, directors, and creatives. She has always been nothing but supportive of me, Bacon said to People. She is not in the least bit competitive with me, in her opinion. She views her accomplishments as mine. The same applies to me.

The parents may now spend time together as their children are no longer living at home. We determine what we'll eat for the next meal, cook it, and clean it once we've done those things. Her collaboration is priceless, Bacon remarked. I finally met the person I was intended to be with.

The actor said that he has no intention of slowing down his professional development. Many individuals my age are considering lightly applying the brakes, Bacon said. I'm really scanning the horizon. There isn't much in my rearview mirror.

Sedgwick revealed her connection with Bacon in 2012. Despite their earlier encounters, Sedgwick and Bacon reconnected on the set of "Lemon Sky." Sedgwick mentioned:

"We met while working on a movie adaptation of the play Lemon Sky. I clearly recall learning from my agent a few days after I was offered the role that Kevin Bacon had broken up and needed to travel to New Zealand for filming retakes. I can still hear this very loud voice in my brain telling me that he will undoubtedly carry out the plan. So I answered, "Of course he is!" when they called a few days later to say he was back in. It's not like I believed we would get married. However, I do recall thinking, "Of course he'll do it."

The actress added that her bond with Bacon had held up just as well as it did at first. Its fundamental nature hasn't really altered. I'm still... I mean, my heart still flutters a bit and I think, Oh! when he enters a room. He is adorable. He's really attractive. That's actually the first thing that comes to mind. You may question the actors on the set; it's obvious. I still don't understand him. Growing older together is both terrifying and exciting, she added.

Sedgwick also raved about how cherished she feels every day thanks to her spouse. She remarked, "I don't know how he does it, but he always makes me feel like I'm the only female in the room - the most gorgeous lady in the world. "Honey, you look lovely, he says. You are hot! Never, never, never!"

Added her:

"Kevin's composure and lack of "crazy" leave me constantly in awe."

People interviewed Bacon and Sedgwick in March 2023 about their lengthy marriage and how their love had endured so well. Prior to their meeting, Sedgwick had already admitted to having some misgivings about Bacon's persona. "I remember thinking, 'Oh, he thinks he's really cool,'" she recalled.

For Bacon, though, it was love at first sight. The actor said, "I was knocked out. I thought she was incredible.

After a while, Sedgwick and Bacon made the decision to go on a date for dinner. They ended up chatting and laughing for several hours. Sedgwick discovered the next day that she could be experiencing similar emotions as Bacon.

"I recall saying to myself as I woke up, 'I feel like home.' I came to the realization, 'Oh, it was him,'" the actress said.

The pair has been happily married for 35 years at this point! Talk about a remarkable achievement. Fans have always idolized Bacon and Sedgwick, despite the fact that many individuals have witnessed Hollywood star romances end in divorce. It's obvious that there are some marriage secrets in their book that we might all learn from.

Sedgwick remarked, "We've always been each other's biggest supporters and followers. She also stressed the need of enjoying yourself with your companion. She said, "A sense of humor is essential. He is seriously hilarious.

While both celebrities have liked working in the spotlight, they admitted to People that their favorite times spent at home together are the peaceful ones.

"To me, walking down the street together just shooting s*** in the middle of the night still feels like a nice place to be," Bacon remarked.

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