Blind woman regains vision and says husband is as handsome as she imagined(video)

After discovering the tragic discovery, Sophia Corah was legally proclaimed blind by August of the same year.

A woman now has new prospects after regaining her vision following a procedure that changed her life. One morning Sophia Corah couldn't see. She had just turned 18 years old. According to South West News Service, the devastating discovery was made in 2017, and she was declared legally blind in August of that same year.

Later, Corah was found to have keratoconus. Keratoconus, which may require a corneal transplant later in life, is caused when the cornea thins and bulges outward into a cone shape. She was unable to see when she woke up out of the blue, forcing her to rely on others. She remarked, "At first I assumed it was an allergy reaction.

The startling realization, according to Corah, was that "I couldn't read the paper while I drove to school." Despite her epiphany, Corah remained adamant about going to college. She admitted, "It was incredibly difficult to adjust, but I was determined to do all I could.

She met Christian Corah, her current partner, there, and the two got along right away. I had Christian's support the entire time I was blind. He looked after me and treated me like a princess. She spoke of Christian, who after researching keratoconus found a procedure that may improve her eyesight.

I didn't know what to do because it cost more than £16,000 and my insurance wouldn't cover it. However, Christian organized a fundraising event for me, and in five weeks, the money was raised. In order to stop her cornea from bowing, she underwent surgery in October 2018. Despite this, Corah took some time to restore her vision. It appeared that the procedure was progressive.

Since she "could only wear them for a few hours at a time," it was first "quite intense." She got 20/20 eyesight in August 2019. During this period, Corah and Christian stayed in touch, and Sophia quickly recognized that no one had ever treated her the way he had. She initially spoke to him about her feelings in October 2020.

Corah, eager to see Christian's face, said, "After I had the guts to tell him how I felt, I went to meet him. When she initially saw him, she had trouble putting him together since she could see roughly ten eyes scattered about due to keratoconus.

I didn't care how he seemed to me because we already had a connection. But after all this time, it was a delight to see his face. He was even more attractive than she had anticipated, she said. Christian reportedly acknowledged her sentiments, and the two have been married for more than a year.

"I was enthralled by Sophia the moment I first met her. Christian told SWNS that she was an incredible warrior. "Christian made me feel so special and helped me through some of the hardest periods in my life. This has bonded us further," she remarked.
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