Elephant Turns Visitors Away So Her Caretaker Can Sing Lullaby To Her Baby(video)

Elephants are magnificent creatures. They are among the only creatures on the planet who form interdisciplinary friendships. As seen by this sweet video from a Thai animal sanctuary, they share our love of music. In the video, elephant Faa Mai joined caregiver Lek Chailert in singing a lullaby to newly born elephant Thong Ae.

Lek Chailert is an elephant enthusiast. The young lady established an elephant rescue facility in northern Thailand as a result of this. Lek shares the wonders of elephants with guests at the Save Elephant Foundation, highlighting her close buddy Faa Mai.

According to the Save Elephant Foundation, Faa Mai's name translates to "new day."

At the Elephant Rescue Center, she was the first newborn elephant. The Elephant Nature Park website states that her birth represented a fresh start for the organization's goal of preserving elephants. She and Lek have been very close since birth.

Lek is not frightened to approach elephants, however other people might be. She is aware that this stunning girl is a kind giant since she assisted in raising Faa Mai. On a regular basis, the two snuggle, smile for photos, and sing together.

It is not Faa Mai's intention to keep Lek's affection to herself. Little Thong Ae has lately been adopted by the elephant and is under her care. Faa Mai demanded that Lek stop chatting to visitors so that he could see Thong Ae because of this.

Lek was first unaware of what was going on. Faa Mai took her where? Why did the elephant ask that she take a rest? Lek knew once she saw Thong Ae standing by. Lek was asked by Faa Mai to lull Thong Ae to sleep. That mother elephant is so considerate.

The entire affair, including Faa Mai and Lek clutching each other while Thong Ae gently nods off, is captured in this video.
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