Guy Spots The Most Adorable Little Squirrels Napping Outside His Window(4 photos)

While a building project was going on at his house, Ludwig C. Timm once spotted something odd while looking out of his bathroom window.

"At first, we didn't pay much attention to the few tiny twigs that were on the ledge. Timm told The Dodo, "We believed the wind had carried it there. "Then we noticed the squirrels constructing."

The squirrel family chose a location to create a nest and raise their young.

Timm, a photographer, chose to capture it all for us to enjoy because it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the squirrels up close.

Timm captured the greatest images of the process, from nest-building to child development, and posted them to his Facebook page.

He took daily pictures of the squirrel family's life as they grew up, keeping a careful check on them.

One of the cute pictures definitely sticks out among the others. The squirrels snuggled up together and fell asleep.

Timm says, "I was incredibly fortunate to be able to shoot the image of the sleeping squirrels. The birds usually sleep inside the nest, but because it was so hot that day, they chose to sleep outside.

Seeing this situation up close and personal was very exciting, despite the fact that it seemed simple enough.

Timm remarked, "It's a pretty nice coincidence [that they chose that area]." "We witnessed the squirrels' development."
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