'Hero' Son, 10, Saves Mom From Drowning In Pool After She Suffers A Seizure(video)

A parent's love has no limits. While some parents will go to any lengths to protect their offspring, Oklahoman mother Lori Keeney once asked her son to walk to the edge of the planet in order to save her. Something went horribly wrong while Keeney and her son Gavin were having a lovely morning in their backyard pool.

Gavin sensed his mother wasn't feeling well when he briefly emerged from the water. Gavin sensed something was awry when he heard splashing when he was outside on the porch. When he got to the bottom of the pool, he saw his mother floating there. To save his mother, Gavin dove into the swimming pool. He managed to raise her up and maintain her head above water until help arrived. While waiting for his grandfather to arrive and assist, the son took his mother to the pool ladder.

He finally won a lifetime award for his bravery after saving his mother. GAVIN received an award from the Kingston Police Department for his courage. But in the end, Gavin saved his mother's life by acting out of love and instinct. According to Keeney, her kid is not only her hero but also the love of her life. In an interview with Good Morning America, Keeney acknowledged that she has epilepsy and has seizures. Keeney is unsure if she would have survived her seizure in the water if her son hadn't been present. While acknowledging his fear, Gavin said he was certain he had to save his mother.

The entire harrowing experience was documented on the home security system owned by the Keeney family. During the August 2022 GMA interview, Keeney mentioned that she was spending a wonderful morning outside with her kid. She disclosed that she had experienced a seizure just after her kid had exited the swimming pool. "I had a seizure right after (Gavin) got out of the pool," Keeney claimed. She went on, "It scared me more than I've ever been scared."

Gavin realized there was a problem with his mother in the pool as he was standing on the porch. Reacting quickly, he saw that his mother was "sinking in the pool." Despite acting based just on instinct, the brave son acknowledged that he was afraid. The son said, "I was scared a little bit." But many noted that Gavin was able to transform his dread into bravery. The Oklahoma police force was also moved to commend Gavin for his bravery. Gavin received an honor for his courageous and heroic deeds from the Kingston Police Department after saving his own mother.

Following the horrific event, Keeney revealed that Gavin is not only her son but also her greatest hero. "He truly is my hero," the delighted mother said. Keeney didn't stop there, though. She continued by saying that she thought Gavin was watching out for her. However, I genuinely believe that he is also my guardian angel. After one's life is saved, the mother and son will have a deeper relationship than before.

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