5-Year-Old Stuns Crowd After Singing A Frank Sinatra Hit Released Over 40 Years Before Her Birth(video)

Television talent shows of all types are quite popular, which is not surprising given the abundance of talent that is emerging globally. Talent events across the world have featured performances by people of different shapes, sizes, and colors.

One of those famous talent programs is "America's Got Talent," where contestants have bravely and self-assuredly shown their talents via a variety of jaw-dropping performances. A wide range of performers, including singers, dancers, and magicians, are permitted to participate on "AGT". Shortly after the American version's June 2007 premiere, the British version debuted.

One of the most well-known contestants to emerge from the whole "Got Talent" series was Susan Boyle, who astounded viewers with her exquisitely lovely voice. With spin-offs in more than 68 countries at the time, the series was recognized by Guinness World Records in 2014 as the most successful reality TV genre globally. Even though there have been several judges throughout the course of the seasons, Simon Cowell, the notoriously severe judge, has been a constant and the show's founder. Even Cowell, who is notorious for his severe criticism, may be won over if a contender has a strong enough act.

During the 13th season of the show, a 5-year-old child named Sophie Fatu stood out as a noteworthy talent. When the child surprised everyone with such a mature voice, the normally crude and gruff judge was completely taken aback. Since then, Sophie's life has transformed as a result of being found and participating in other talent competitions, where her amazing voice has proceeded to wow more people. Continue reading to find out more about Sophie and how her rendition of "My Way" surprised the audience.

Sophie is a unique child. She may appear to be a typical gregarious child from the outside, but when she opened her mouth, Cowell was blown away. Cowell may have been difficult, but tiny Sophie managed to win him over with her amazing talent in addition to her adorable beauty. Despite her seemingly innocent appearance, the little girl had significant voice prowess behind her charming grin.

The small child performed a moving version of Frank Sinatra's "My Way" at the beginning of the film, lifting her hands to the lyrics and seeming much older than she actually was. It's surprising that Sophie picked the song in the first place because it features a lot of lengthy sustained notes and intense belting passages. The judges sat there, gaping agape at what they were seeing, as the audience screamed and clapped.

Sophie carried herself like an opera singer and held notes like an expert. Nobody believed a girl of that age could accomplish such an amazing feat! Her voice seemed to have many more years in it than she did!

A supporter even exclaimed, "Her voice is just everything I need right now, and she's literally five years old and she's working a whole crowd and making eye contact with the audience."

Ultimately, Sophie received the endorsement of all four judges to go to the next stage. As they made their way backstage, her mother Victoria Fatu, an accomplished singer with a sizable fan base on YouTube, was as pleased as any parent could be.

Unknown to many, though, Sophie made her television debut with Steve Harvey on NBC's "Little Big Shots." The audience burst into cheers and clapping as Sophie's amazing voice carried her through the chorus of "My Way."

Social media users have complimented Sophie for appearing on the aforementioned show.

"I adore Sophie." Every time she sings, I weep. I post about her on Facebook. She's still on my posts. adore her. He is stunning. 🤋🏏😘 A fan supplied.

"Just think of how much Frank Sinatra would like this little gem. Once again, Sophie, you have my sincere gratitude for making me happy. Another said, "Every time I hear you speak or sing, my heart brightens.

"I always get teary eyes when I see you. Your parents are very lucky to have such a talented and adorable child. I love you."A person commended, "May God protect You always 😍God bless You."

Sophie's mother uploaded a behind-the-scenes video of her before her 2018 "Little Big Shots" presentation to YouTube. Over two million people have seen it on the platform.

Sophie, ten, has gained more than 100,000 followers on her personal Instagram account and has established herself as a young recording artist since coming on the show. She has also acted in a number of television shows, including "Will & Grace," "Goliath," and "Hacks," in addition to appearing on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

Additionally, "Love Is," her own extended play, was published. On her website, it is characterized as a "love letter to her fans and a passionate homage to the vocal legends who influenced her early career."

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