Devoted Dad Raises Son With Down Syndrome Alone After Wife Wanted To Give Him Up(video)

Being a parent is a great duty that can involve many difficulties as well as many wonderful experiences. Having a child at your side while they grow up allows you to see them thrive while providing them with the love and attention they need. Since he is parenting his kid with Down syndrome alone, a single father in Russia has assumed this duty on his own.

Sadly, many infants with Down syndrome get different treatment, and in some cases, are abandoned because their parents are hesitant to assume such a significant burden. Nonetheless, any kid might have a better chance at leading a typical life if they are raised in a happy and healthy home.

Living in Russia, Evgeny Anisimov is a single father parenting his kid with Down syndrome by himself after his wife decided she could no longer bear the news of her son's diagnosis and no longer wanted to be involved. Even though being a single parent presents many difficulties, Anisimov has cheerfully accepted the role because he wants to show the world that all children are worthy of love.

Since many individuals have shied away from taking on the burden of raising a kid with Down syndrome, this father's purpose is to help lessen the stigma attached to the condition. As Anisimov has persisted in telling the world about himself and his kid, he has encouraged many parents to persevere in the face of adversity.

Bored Panda estimates that there is one child with Down syndrome for every 700–800 children worldwide. An additional copy of one chromosome is the source of this disorder, which has an impact on the physical and mental development of the unborn child. Anisimov acknowledged that he sobbed "but not for long" upon learning that his kid Misha had Down syndrome. Misha's "life and future destiny are already quite significant,” the 33-year-old father explained.

Anisimov set out to learn more about his son's illness, but by then the child's mother had made up her mind not to raise him. Regarding his wife's choice to split up with him and their child, Anisimov remarked, "Now I understand that she was just scared at the time, she started to act according to the wrong scenario."

Despite the obstacles encountered throughout the son's upbringing, the father has maintained his positive outlook. "This has completely transformed my life," Anisimov said. "I lost my wife, but I am happy with the changes," he continued. Like many other children his age, my son is kind and outgoing; he clearly loves me.

Anisimov now regularly updates his Instagram page with pictures and videos of his gorgeous baby, demonstrating the joy the two of them enjoy. According to the Bored Panda, the single father's mission has been to help families dealing with comparable challenges and increase public awareness of Down syndrome. Anisimov remarked, "I hope that those who are struggling now, as it was for us, read about us." Do not be afraid! Everything will work out OK.

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