'Are You Babysitting' — A Story Of Black Woman That Decided To Parent Three White Kids Proving Love Doesn't See Color(video)

Love is blind to race, creed, and nationality. Ohioan Treka Engleman frequently gets the question "Are your kids yours?" but doesn't let it bother her or her kids' pleasure. Treka, a math teacher, said she started becoming a foster mother at age 21 and had no preferences about the children's ethnicity or gender. She then made the decision to formally adopt the kids in 2019, giving them a loving home.

Treka Engleman didn't have a simple upbringing. She is the youngest of 11 children, and according to Metro, her mother died when she was just six years old. The Engleman family experienced great sorrow with the passing of their matriarch, but they always cared for one another and tried to make the best of their unusual circumstances.

When Treka was older, she was certain that she would want to support kids who had lost their parents. At the youthful age of 21, she applied to be a foster mother because of this. Treka made the decision not to seek a kid of any certain race in her application. As stated here in The Atlanta Black Star, she simply wanted to be there for any young kid who needed her.

Elijah, a baby boy who was five days old, was immediately given into Treka's custody, according to The Atlanta Black Star. Treka treated him like he was her own child. Later, Treka's loving home was given to two sisters called Mercedes and Alexis.

Treka felt nothing but mother affection for her three foster children since the small family got along so well. However, a lot of people thought this family was weird. Elijah, Mercedes, and Alexis are Caucasian, and Treka is African-American.

She stated on Love What Matters, "Yes I've had my fair share of glances while we're out in public, but we just keep going past unconcerned." People have asked me, "Oh, are you watching the kids?," to which I have replied, "No, they are my children. There are no questions. I never refer to foster children; just my own. Because it is who and what they have always been.

They are loved without condition in my home, and love has no hue," Treka continued.

Treka was overjoyed to successfully adopt her three children last year.
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