Little Orphaned Pony Believes Teddy Bear Is Its Mom And Viewers Are Gonna Burst Into Tears(video)

When Breeze, a 1-week-old filly, hugged and slept with a giant teddy bear in 2013, it made headlines.

Only a few hours after his birth, on May 24, 2013, a farmer discovered Breeze the bay pony abandoned at Dartmoor National Park in the United Kingdom. The small foundling was staggering about the hillside, attempting to nurse mares, but he couldn't find his mother. Breeze had been seriously unconscious and dehydrated by the time aid came from a nearby equestrian refuge.

The ill and terrified animal was brought to the horse sanctuary in Devon, England, by rescuers, according to a statement posted on the website of The Mare and Foal Sanctuary, which was cited by TODAY.

Fortunately, the pony's ailment could be treated with medication and he was able to be nursed back to health. The adorable pony's rescuers chose to call him Breeze once he recovered.

He was feeling lot better a week after his rescue. However, something remained absent, and the pony was somewhat melancholy.

If you're like most individuals, toys and stuffed animals were your go-to source of comfort when you were upset as a kid. They help us cope with loneliness and separation anxiety from our parents by allowing us to sleep with them.

The rescuers found out, as it happens, that animals also adore plush animals! The individuals who rescued the abandoned pony thought it would be a good idea to cheer him up by giving him a big teddy bear.

To their amazement, Breeze rapidly warmed up to his plush animal and showed it the same compassion and affection that he would show his own mother or siblings.

Breeze frequently napped with the plush animal, which soothed and lessened his feelings of loneliness. He also enjoyed cuddling up on the bear's lap. Fortunately, he was able to use this bear as a calming aid and acclimate to his new environment. As you can see in this 2013 interview with one of Breeze's carers, Breeze's health had much improved after spending time at the sanctuary, and the rescuers saw that he had developed into a content and energetic young pony.

Since then, three years after Breeze's rescue in 2013, Inside Edition provided a brief update on his life in 2016. As shown in the video, Breeze is now a member of his own herd at the Mare & Foal Sanctuary in Devon, England, and has long ago parted ways with his plush companion. Having saying that, Inside Edition notes that the two had a brief reunion in 2016.

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