Rob Lowe and wife Sheryl Berkoff have been together for over 31 years(photo)

Rob Lowe has enjoyed a charmed life, endowed with fame and money, most of us would agree.

The young guy from Ohio made his television debut at the age of 15 in the ABC comedy "A New Kind of Family," and it didn't take long for him to become a teen star and a member of the Brat Pack.

He gained notoriety as a Hollywood movie star in the 1980s after appearing in a number of films, such as Outsiders and St. Elmo's Fire.

From the surface, Lowe's life appears ideal. His marriage to makeup artist Sheryl Berkoff in 1991 is still going well, and his two sons are now in their 20s.

Rob Lowe went on a blind date in 1983 and met Sheryl Berkoff, but they did not begin dating until later. They didn't start dating until years later, in 1990, after rejoining on the set of Lowe's movie Bad Influence, where Berkoff worked as a makeup artist.

A year later, the two were married, and soon after that, they had two boys. They have now spent more than 31 years together!

Rob said when asked the key to his successful marriage: "Well, it starts from the very beginning. If you're fortunate enough to be dating your best friend, you're far ahead of the game. I married my best friend. We have the same worldview. We don't have any fundamental disagreements about how to raise children or manage money that we must contend with every day. Many individuals lack it in their relationships, despite the fact that it's incredibly crucial.

Recognizing that every marriage experiences highs and lows, "And the relationship 31 years in is incredibly different than it was 31 years ago, but it's different in a really positive way," Rob remarked as Lowe continued.

Lowe posted a heartfelt remark on a photo of Sheryl on Instagram in honor of their recent 31st wedding anniversary:

Happy 31st birthday, little one. My world is what you've created it. You remain just as charming, intelligent, interesting, kind, and funny as you did so many blissful years ago. Lifelong partners in love!

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the day Lowe chose to take up that struggle and alter his life forever. Lowe has had some difficult periods in his life and has battled and overcome an addiction.

At the height of his celebrity, he was misusing drugs and alcohol, which caused a series of scandals that put his marriage in jeopardy.

He took the difficult choice to improve his life at the age of 26.

On May 10, 1990, the Golden Globe-winning actor made the decision to start using alcohol and drugs. In 2014, Lowe spoke with Oprah Winfrey about treatment.

"I didn't love having to go, and it was quite uncomfortable, but I loved the research," the speaker said. Without treatment, I couldn't have achieved sobriety because I required the scientific... I had to finish the task. It was similar to attending law school, he claimed.

After declining for more than ten years, Lowe's career saw a revival in 1999 after he returned to television and made his breakthrough as Sam Seaborn on the NBC political drama "The West Wing."
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