Toddler Feels Summer Rain For The First Time And Reacts Adorably(video)

Every parent dreams that their kids will one day use whatever means necessary to improve the world. All parents hope that their grown children will do all they can to help others, whether that means founding their own charitable organization or simply being kind and polite to others. The following generation will hopefully inherit this mentality.

Being a parent can be a gratifying experience in and of itself. There are unavoidably significant hurdles that can make certain days harder than you could have ever imagined, but the wonderful moments that are spent with children can make them twice as sweet. Their very first encounters with the most precious components of life are among the most amazing experiences to see as a parent.

Children may be amazed by the slightest things, from tasting their first strawberry to seeing fireworks for the first time. It was endearing to see as a loving father led his little daughter Harper out into their driveway in the rain so she could experience it for the first time. The film, which was initially released in 2015, brought a smile to the faces of viewers around.

Although children may teach us a lot of things, the most crucial lesson is to discover the enchantment in the mundane. In a child's eyes, even the smallest things may seem miraculous, and this very affecting film demonstrates how amazing it can be for a baby to see the rain for the first time.

Most people don't recall their first steps or their first ice cream cone experience. But when considered collectively, it's all those tiny things that add up to have the most influence on your life. Because of this, parents savor the opportunity to see these happy occasions via the eyes of their children. Being able to observe kids enjoying being outside is a great luxury.

The father in this video was exposing his son to the wonders of rain. Sweet toddler Harper was definitely enjoying the rain as it started to storm more heavily. The Swift family account posted the original video to YouTube. The Swift family stated the following in the video's description section:

Although she had previously observed it from the window, this was the first time she had played in the warm Summer rain, and her expression was just priceless.

Her response to the rain was unquestionably the cutest thing ever, and viewers will undoubtedly be moved to grin and giggle along with Harper's pleased cries! Then, when he took the little child outdoors to see the rain for herself, her father pulled off the ultimate surprise.

Nothing feels better than warm summer rain on your skin, and it's obvious from the video that Harper enjoyed the sound of the raindrops as they fall. This endearing film demonstrated that children can appreciate life without having to spend a lot of money on adventures and travel, and that the little things are what matter most.

The Swift family's video has previously gone viral several times. In 2014, a different video of Harper crawling near the family dog went viral. At the time this story was being written, the video with the caption "Baby's first crawl with her dog... such a sweet conclusion!" had had over 28 million views. This is a very amazing accomplishment!

The Swift family made a reference to the initial video that made Harper well-known in the caption of the clip of Harper enjoying the rain:

Imagine our surprise when a new unforgettable moment was captured of our little Harper experiencing another lifetime 'first' and this time it is seeing and feeling rain for the very first time. Last year, such a special (and viral!) moment was captured of our little one first crawling in "Baby's first crawl with her dog... what a cute ending!"

More details regarding Harper's adoration of the rain were revealed in the description. "From the vehicle trip home, when she watched the rain pour into the car windows, to stepping out and only wanting to run about, play, and gush over the wonderful new experience with her Daddy, she simply couldn't get enough. Our dream has come true because of her and the family she has created for us."

As the Swift family enjoyed Harper, the comments added to the affection her father had for her. Imagine how much better the world would be if we all had fathers like this, said user mmedeuxchevaux.

Others reflected on their own childhoods and praised the parents for providing Harper a lovely upbringing.

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