Widower, 96, Knocks Out The Competition With His Smooth Dance Moves And Astounds Instructor

Dancing is a liberating activity that may also teach you about yourself and help you cope with life's other challenges. As one teacher learned via an unusual pupil, the experience may also help you develop stronger relationships with other people.

Liya Kazbekova has achieved a lot in her career. Master of Sport and 12-time champion from Kazakhstan, contestant in the Asian Indoor Games and three-time World Championship finalist. She works as a professional ballroom dancer, choreographer, consultant, and dance instructor. When she is not competing, she teaches dancing to young, elderly, and very old pupils in Los Angeles, California.

On February 5, 2021, Kazbekova uploaded a video on her Instagram account in which she may be seen dancing with a great pupil. Tom, her dancing partner, is 96 years old and had been dancing for 30 years before to the death of his wife.

As seen in the video, despite Tom's unimpressive appearance, he was able to keep up with Kazbekova throughout the practice. He moved to Wayne Gorbea's "Sabor Sabor" while holding the dancing instructor's hand. He moves to the music with such dexterity that he could compete with men half his age, in addition to being hypnotizing.

He is a dancer and 96 years old. For me, inspiration and motivation I want to congratulate Tom, one of my students. She acknowledged Tom's abilities and desire to learn more by writing in the caption, "Once a dancer, always a dancer," in reference to his profession.

Viewers loved the video and commended Tom for not allowing his age limit him.

One admirer exclaimed, "This is so lovely and cool and sovereign grandfather dances quite wonderfully!"

"I think life will be like this forever." "Respect for all of you, taking and sharing inspiration beyond age." There was one more remark.

Amazing work, Tom, said another guy. Never give up dancing! Don't ever stop dancing, a different user said.

"This is the meaning of life. "Listen to music, sing as much as you can, live, laugh, and love," remarked another spectator. "Don't forget to dance."

You can always return to the things you used to love!!

Kazbekova gave some advise to individuals who are too self-conscious to master the talent.

Stop putting yourself down and blaming yourself. Her first piece of advice was to relish the learning experience.

"Avoid thinking of your rivals as your enemy. They could just share your objectives, she added, so stop using up your energy by taking care of other people. Instead, concentrate on you.

According to Kazbekova, dancing ought to be a stress-free activity that you like doing.

Think about how much you like and love to dance. Stop comparing yourself to other dancers, even if you are a competitive dancer. Avoid letting anything else interfere with your dance.

She also counseled dancers to not worry about the little things.

No matter how you look—whether you have a zit, put on weight, or are too thin—just strive toward being the person you want to be while maintaining an attitude of unadulterated thankfulness and delight.
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